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Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

6.04.18 – (LAA) – TTS Daily Practice Runs for All LAA Flight Attendants

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TTS Daily Practice Runs for All LAA Flight Attendants


Beginning today, daily TTS practice runs will be available to LAA Flight Attendants. This is a great opportunity for every Flight Attendant to practice submitting ballots in both TTS and UBL, and view the results from those ballots.

What are TTS and UBL?

The Trip Trade System (TTS) is the scheduling tool you can use to pick up, drop, and trade trips involving open time and other Flight Attendants’ trips simultaneously—all in seniority order. The Unsuccessful Bidders List (UBL) is a list of Lineholders who elect to be passed to crew scheduling within 2 days of origination of a sequence. The Unsuccessful Bidder’s List shall be used by crew scheduling for the processing of open time after TTS awards are completed.

TTS isn’t like anything currently available to you. The live system will roll out in late July for trips originating in the August bid month. ORD and SFO bases have already begun taking TTS for a test drive and will continue until the system goes live in late July.

Why should I participate?Ahead of the system launch in late July, the test will give you a chance to play around in TTS and get comfortable by:

  • Learning how to submit a ballot
  • Practicing making changes to your schedule using current month trip sequences (including OEs)
  • Finding out where to look for results and how to understand them

Think of the test as virtual trip trading with open time and other Flight Attendants. It won’t affect your live schedule, but will simply allow you to get comfortable working with this new tool. Once the system goes live in late July for August trip sequences, you’ll see the true benefits of the system.

The more people who participate, the more realistic the results. Remember, this is not just about trading with open time. TTS allows you to use open time from the Company and trips from other Flight Attendants who have placed requests to drop and trade.

Even if you don’t use the current systems such as TTOT, Option II, or HIBOARD to make changes to your schedule, this will be a great opportunity to learn how to use TTS.
Please use the link below to access the practice environment for TTS:

You’ll be able to use all trips on your schedule at the time you input your practice bid. If you’d like to know more about TTS, there is a detailed online guide available. If you’ve already completed the TTS WBT, you can take another look in the TTS WBT review.
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