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6.08.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill

Tell Your Senators to Support Cabin Safety Issues in the
Senate FAA Reauthorization Bill

In April, the House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed an FAA Reauthorization Bill which included many provisions that are beneficial to Flight Attendants. APFA lobbied in support of many of these provisions during our April fly-in, including evaluating cabin evacuation standards, establishing standards for emotional support animals, keeping cabin air safe with the Cabin Air Quality Act, and protecting U.S. aviation jobs from outsourcing, to name a few.

In the coming months, the Senate will work on their version of the FAA Reauthorization Bill. Eventually the House and Senate bills must be reconciled, so the Senate must be pressured to include the Flight Attendant friendly provisions so they remain in the final FAA bill. As the Senate develops their bill this month with input from stakeholders, please send a letter to your Senators to let them know how important it is that they include language that addresses these aviation safety issues:

– Examining Cabin Evacuation Certification (Rep. Cohen’s SEAT Act)
– Establishing Standards for Emotional Support Animals
– Keeping Cabin Air Safe with the Cabin Air Quality Act
– Protecting U.S. Aviation Jobs from Outsourcing (“Flags of Convenience”)
– Reinforcing the Ban on Voice Calls on Planes
– Safe Transport of Lithium Batteries
– Required Notification of Insecticide Use
– Banning Electronic Cigarette Smoking on Planes
– 10 Hours Minimum Rest and Fatigue Risk Management Plan

Your voice is critical. In a recent letter written to Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD), the Administration and the USDOT came out fully opposed to a number of key safety and security provisions found in the recently passed House FAA Bill such as:

-Examining seat size and pitch as it related to aircraft evacuation
-Any Flight Attendant fatigue language (including what is known as the “Fight for 10”)
-Requiring redundant flight deck entrances

The Administration called these provisions “regulatory burdens” and “unnecessary.”  The Administration instead called for a much slimmed-down version of the House FAA Bill.

The Administration also asked the Senate to pull out the anti “Flag of Convenience” provision originally designed to protect U.S. aviation from predatory competition operating out of low regulatory and wage countries. APFA, APA, and other unions have strongly opposed these “Flags of Convenience” schemes in the past as a threat to our industry and American aviation jobs.

APFA will continue to press the Senate to pass an FAA Bill that is responsive to Flight Attendants, as well as to the consumer. Please take a few moments to let your Senators know that you expect them to keep US aviation the safest in the world.

Allie Malis
APFA Interim National Government Affairs Representative

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