6.08.18 – (LAA) – More Changes in August for LAA Flight Attendants Position Swap App & Red Flagged Sequences

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More Changes in August for LAA Flight Attendants
Position Swap App & Red Flagged Sequences

Position Swap App

Effective with the August bid month, LAA Flight Attendants will no longer use DECS entries in FOS to process seat swaps. Instead, a new app being pushed to the new Note 5 tablet will be used by the #1/Purser to facilitate position swaps among Flight Attendants on the same crew.

The new app will automatically ensure that any applicable premiums are paid to each Flight Attendant involved in the swap. The app can be used to process swaps between the trip’s report time right up until the aircraft door is closed at departure. Flight Attendants will no longer be required to re-sign in when swapping positions after report time.

The Company will release a quick instructional guide in the coming weeks.

Red Flagged Sequences

Effective with the August bid month, red flagged sequences will replace what we know today as critical coverage.

  • Red-flagged sequences are individual trips, flagged by Crew Scheduling that are paid at 150% and credited at 100% (Section 10.H).
  • You’ll use TTS/UBL (Trip Trade System/Unsuccessful Bidders List) to bid for red-flagged sequences. They’ll be displayed in pink when viewed in Crew Portal.
  • Beginning with August sequences, once a trip is red flagged, the trip retains the 150% premium – even when pay protections come into play.

Example: You’re awarded a red-flagged trip through TTS/UBL and you become illegal through no fault (per Section 10.K) to work the trip. You’re pay protected at the 150% premium rate of pay.


  • Crew Scheduling can remove the red flag (and its premium) at any time before the sequence is awarded or assigned, up until 2100 HBT two days before departure.
  • Once UBL daily processing starts, Crew Scheduling can’t change the red-flag designation until UBL awards are complete for that day.
  • If you subsequently trade or drop the red-flagged sequence, the red flagged premium transfers with the trip.
  • However, if you do a position swap involving a red-flagged sequence, the red-flagged premium stays with the original Flight Attendant.
  • You can exceed your TTS max in order to pick up a red-flagged sequence; however, it will not increase your TTS max.

Reserves and red-flagged sequences

  • If you are a reserve and pick up a red-flagged sequence on your day(s) off by using ROTA/ROTD, you’ll be paid the 150% premium.
  • If you’re awarded/assigned the trip on a reserve day, the premium does not apply.

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