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6.26.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Agreement Reached for Displaced SLT Flight Attendants

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Agreement Reached for Displaced SLT Flight Attendants

2012 was an extraordinary and unprecedented time for our Union. Ten days after ratification of the Last Best Final Offer (LBFO) on August 19, 2012, American Airlines announced the recall of the remaining 211 furloughed TWA Flight Attendants. Of the 211 recalled, 141 accepted the recall.

These furloughed Flight Attendants returned to an active status under the language of the LBFO. Article 16.D.2. provided a Flight Attendant with a priority right of return to the base from which she/he was furloughed. It recently came to light that this opportunity was never afforded to this particular group of Flight Attendants.
Due to these circumstances, the APFA National Officers, APFA Board of Directors, and the Company have entered into an agreement regarding certain Legacy American Airlines Flight Attendants who are former TWA Flight Attendants (“Effected Flight Attendants”) that were displaced from the St. Louis Flight Attendant crew base.

The agreement provides that the “Effected Flight Attendants” whose names appear on the SLT transfer list as of June 5, 2018, may exercise, on a one-time basis, priority right of return to SLT to fill future open vacancies.

As vacancies occur, the “Effected Flight Attendants” will have one opportunity to exercise the priority right of return. The priority return will remain in effect until the “Effected Flight Attendant” is transferred to SLT or declines the first opportunity to exercise her/his priority return. It is important to note that Mutual Transfers into the SLT crew base will be processed per the 2014 Flight Attendant JCBA.

LOA: Priority Return to SLT

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