7.05.18 – August 2018 Allocations Call


August 2018 DFW Allocations Call:

  • 5635 headcount August 2018. Increase of 201 Flight Attendants year over year. Decrease of 16 Flight Attendants from July.
  • 5345 available headcount. DFW has 106 inactive Flight Attendants .
  • 4049 bid jobs are planned. Decrease of 48 jobs from July 2018.
  • No open replacement lines are planned.
  • 311 vacation reliefs are planned.  Decrease of 54 relief lines year over year.
  • 985 (18.4%) are planned to serve reserve in August 2018. System reserve is 18.5%. Decrease of 87 Flight Attendants from July 2018.

Manning indicated that a small amount of bid leaves may be available at some bases. The VLOA web ballot is available on the Flight Service website under Crew Resources/Crew Manning.

Click on Voluntary Leave information. Ballot closes July 7 at 1200 CT.

August is the first month of the ROTA/ROTD JCBA language implementation. Flight Attendants will bid reserve selections from the DFW bidsheet. Awarded reserve selections will be loaded into crew portal and Flight Attendants can designate golden/flex days starting on 20 July at 1800 DFW CT. Golden day/flex day designation period ends 27 July at 1200 DFW CT.

If you are on the reserve back up list, it is recommended to add reserve selections to your bid ballot.

Bidding vacation relief/Open replacement remains unpredictable. Filler trips may be added to vacation relief up to 85 hours. Remarks will be considered but may not be honored. A mix of International and Domestic trips may be necessary. Remarks are read in highest to lowest priority. Allocations advised that August may have more vacation relief breakage than July. Allocations awarded seven open replacement lines in July.

No vacancy transfers were awarded. Mutual transfers will be captured on 05/JUL for an effective date of August 8, 2018. Information regarding transfers can be found on the Flight Service website under Crew Resources/Crew Planning.

Target line average for DFW is 81.1 hours. System line average is 81.0

Allocations Call

New JCBA language will be implemented in August. Contract language may affect sequences and bid lines.

  • IPD Flight Attendants will report 1 hour and 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • NIPD/Domestic DHD Flight Attendants will now be expected to report 1 hour before departure.  IPD DHD will be 1 hour and 15 minutes, same as working crew.
  • Release time (debrief) will now be based on your last leg. If you are flying a NIPD/IPD sequence and your last leg is a domestic flight, your debrief/release will be 15 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
  • Flight Attendants on a IPD duty period shall be provided no less than 14 hours rest. To ensure the integrity of the operation, allocations is now building IPD layover rest at 17+ hours. This change has affected our LIM sequence. LIM is now going to be a 40 hour layover.
  • Bid lines will be built  with 11 calendar days off.  Flight Attendants can waive this provision in PBS, TTS, and ETB.
  • Mid-Range International  duty period language is implemented.

For more information regarding these changes, please consult the header sections of the August bidsheet as well as the current JCBA hotlines at APFA.org. All tablets will have a copy of JCBA contract as well as other valuable resources. Tap on document library/APFA Contract and Guides.

We will see a major schedule change on 21 August. Many flights cease to operate at the end of summer. (Summer seasonal flying) Bid lines may be top heavy and mixing of trip sequences may increase to get to the target line average.

We continued to advocate for desirable trips that have a proven track record with our base. We tried to break up three day trips to increase turns and two-days. Many bases complained of the downturn in turns and two days and increase in three-days and four-days.

Adjusted LAA Line Bidding Calendar timelines were announced  last month. Mark your calendars as bidding opens July 11th and closes July 15th.

Domestic Percentage of Sequences:
3FA solution: 1D-3.5%  2D-36.4%  3D-52.3%  4D-7.9%
4FA solution: 1D-33.0%2D-20.3%  3D-43.8%  4D-2.9%

Domestic Overnight Rest Distribution:
Overnight rest less than 11 hours: 16.5%
Overnight rest greater than 12 hours: 75%
Overnight rest greater than 24 hours: 5.3%

Domestic FA Productivity:
Scheduled block hours per calendar day: 5 hours and 3 minute
Credit hour per duty period: 5 hours 37 minutes
Credit hours per calendar day: 5 hours 14 minutes
Domestic sit time:  2 hours: 10.1%  2.5 hours: 3.2%  3 hours: 0.9%
Number of leg distribution:  1 leg: 24.2%  2 legs: 46.4%  3 legs: 29%

NIPD Percentage of Sequences:
3FA solution:  1D-0.0%  2D-1.5%  3D-70.1%  4D-28.4%
4FA solution:  1D-38.1% 2D-10.9% 3D-42.5% 4D-8.5%

NIPD Overnight Rest Distribution:
Overnight rest less than 11 hours:  15.6%
Overnight rest greater than 12 hours: 73.7%
Overnight rest greater than 24 hours: 3.1%

NIPD FA Productivity:
Scheduled block hours per calendar day: 5 hours 16 minutes
Credit hours per duty period: 5 hours 45 minutes
Credit hours per calendar day: 5 hours 24 minutes
NIPD sit time: 2 hours 6.5%  2.5 hours 2.0%  3 hours 0.7%
Number of leg distribution: 1 leg:28.7%  2legs: 46.3%  3 legs: 24.9%

As a reminder, DFW has a designated email address for Bidsheet questions and concerns:
Please email: dfwbidsheet@apfa.org

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