7.10.18 – Change is Hard, 319/320/321 Changes, Munich Hotel, Meeting with Your FSM

Where have we heard this before? The finish line is getting closer. As far as we know, the Company is still on track for FOI to occur with the October bid month. 
What does this mean for us?
It means all outstanding sections of the JCBA, that have not been implemented, will go into effect. The 2013 LUS Redbook will be filed in the archives, and we will be fully working under the JCBA. Keep in mind, the Redbook was the foundation for all of the scheduling related sections in the JCBA.
Some of the largest changes we will experience at FOI include, the retirement of CATCREW, the change from ISAP to TTS, and the implementation of Rotating Reserve.
Once we have migrated into FOS, we will be able to fly all the equipment on which we are qualified. There will be no more differentiation between LAA and LUS metal. I have been assured that the PHL based Flight Attendants will see AMS and ZRH in our pairing pools for November.

319/320/321 Changes

The Company recently sent out a communication explaining the changes to the pairing generation on the 319/320/321 fleet. Currently, we have the core crew on the narrow body airbus aircraft with the “K” position joining the core crew when you have a 321 built into the pairing. Beginning with trips that originate August 27th through September, the A321 aircraft will no longer be built into any A319/320 pairings. The A321 will be their own pairings with a core crew of three, and during that time frame, you will see a Chaser who will fly with the core crew for the entire pairing, but on their own pairing number.

Beginning in October, the A321 will be a core of four Flight Attendants, all on the same pairing or sequence number. This brings us into alignment with the scheduling practices currently in use at Legacy American.

We continue to hear complaints about long waits for hotel rooms. The Company assures us that the hotel is pre-blocking rooms. If you have an extended wait, please write it up immediately and be sure to use the Hotel Debrief Form on the APFA website.

If you are called by or sent a notification from your FSM to schedule a meeting for any reason, please exercise your right to representation. Call us immediately to set up and schedule the meeting:

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