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7.13.18 – (LAA) – Continued Violations by the Company

Continued Violations by the Company – LAAWith the implementation of JCBA Section 12 (Reserve) in August, we have had many questions regarding the transition from a line month to a reserve month and how carryover trips into reserve months will be handled.

There is also a question of how a vacation trip that carries over into your reserve month will be paid and what the obligation would be on a reserve day.

This week, after numerous requests over many months, the Company informed us that the following procedures would apply to carryover trips with respect to reserve:

Pay and Credit vs Pay No Credit:

If a Lineholder has a carryover trip into a Reserve month at a non-PBS base, and…

… the trip is scheduled to fly into a Reserve Day:

  • Reserve day(s) will be pay and credit and will count towards Reserve Calling Out of Time (RSVCOT), also known as “maxing out“.

… the trip is scheduled to fly into day(s) off:

  • Day(s) off will not be restored, and the days off will no longer slide.
  • Hours carried into a reserve month will be pay no credit (PNC: paid above RSV guarantee).

If you have a trip scheduled to fly into day(s) off, it will show as pay and credit in RSVCOT until the 9th of the month. Pay Comp would then adjust the hours to pay no credit (PNC), and your RSVCOT would decrease to reflect your actual credit hours.

If a Flight Attendant has a vacation or sick carryover trip into a reserve month, the entire day would be coded as vacation or sick, and there is no obligation.

APFA vehemently disagrees with Reserve Flight Attendants not having the option of restoring days off. This violates the language in JCBA Section 12.B.1., which states, “a reserve will be provided scheduled days free of duty as provided for in Section 10.” Each reserve is entitled to 12 days free from duty in a bid month.

If you have a carryover trip that was on your schedule prior to bids finalizing, and the trip is subsequently flying into day(s) off, and you would have preferred the hours to be paid and credited with your day(s) off restored, please contact your Base Representative.

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