7.20.18 – (LAA/LUS) – FAQs – Purser Position Coverage


FAQs – Purser Position CoverageLAA


Q: How will a purser position be covered through TTS/UBL?

A: The following steps are used to cover open purser positions in TTS/UBL:

  1. Award through TTS as purser
  2. Award through UBL as purser
  3. Award through UBL without purser qualification
  4. Award/assign without purser qualification to a reserve as a lead position


Q: If I get a purser sequence as a non-purser, can I drop or trade the trip through ETB or TTS? 

A: Yes. You can drop/trade the trip, but only to/with a purser.

Q: If I am awarded/assigned a purser sequence on reserve and I am not purser qualified, how will I be paid?

A: If you are not purser qualified, the position will be converted into a lead position, and you will be paid lead pay. (Premium Pay Chart)

Q: Can I still be a volunteer purser?

A: No. With TTS coming in August, the Volunteer Purser program will be discontinued. The “V” might still be visible, but it will no longer be used.


Q: How can a purser working the flight in a different position move up to purser?

A:  There are two options:
      1. A purser working a non-purser position may place a ballot for the purser position (move up request) in TTS/UBL (Section 10.F.6). Every time TTS/UBL processes, it will look to see if the position opened and award the ballot request when it gets to the Flight Attendant’s seniority. It will read the request up until 2 hours prior to departure.
      2. If no trade (move up) has been requested, Section 14.L.5.b. would apply. A purser qualified Flight Attendant working a non-purser position would be required to move to the purser position. If more than one purser is working the flight, it will be offered in seniority order or assigned in reverse seniority order. Note: If you work the purser position, but you are not purser qualified, you will be paid lead pay.

Q: How would a purser/speaker position be filled?

A: The following steps are used to cover an open purser/speaker position:
    1. Award through TTS as purser/speaker
    2. Award through UBL as purser/speaker
    3. Award through UBL as purser
    4. Award through UBL as speaker
    5. Award/Assign through ROTA/D as speaker
    6. Award through UBL as a non-speaker
    7. Award/Assign through ROTA/D as non-speaker

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