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7.25.18 – (LAA) – August Changes for Sick



August Changes for SickLAA

Effective with the August bid month, a Flight Attendant calling in sick will now have the opportunity to close (clear) their absence immediately.

Why would I care if I close my absence at the time I am calling in sick?

Today, you are restricted from trip trading anytime you are on “sick status”. In August, if you want to participate in TTS, ETB, or ROTA, you will need to close your absence. You can close the absence at the time you are calling in sick by requesting that Crew Scheduling transfer you to AVRS to do this all on the same call. This will allow you to trip trade and place a ROTA bid outside of the footprint of the trip(s) for which you called in sick.


You call in sick for your 2-day sequence departing on August 4th. At the time of the sick call, you can ask Crew Scheduling to transfer you to AVRS and close the absence. You can now immediately access TTS, ETB, and ROTA for transactions outside of the footprint of the trip from which you were removed.

You still have the ability to leave your absence open, as you do today, by giving Crew Scheduling a tentative date. However, if you would like to participate in any of the scheduling systems (ETB, TTS or ROTA), the sick occurence needs to be closed.

Changes for Reserves:

  • Close by 1500 to be included for the ROTA run for the following day.
  • Close before 12 noon HBT on the following day and you will be assigned a full RAP.
  • Close by 12 noon HBT the same day and you can avoid being charged sick for the entire day.
  • Call in sick after completing a sequence, RAP, or standby shift, and you will not be charged for that day. You will be coded sick for the next day.

 What isn’t changing?

  • You will still call in sick by contacting Crew Scheduling.
  • You can still provide a tentative or firm return date.
  • A lineholder who provides a firm return date will still have all trips through the clearance date fall into open time.
  • A lineholder with a tentative return date will have until 12 noon HBT to clear, or your trip will be placed into open time.
  • All trip trading restrictions remain in place while you are on sick status.
  • A reserve day is still worth 4:10 for a 30-day month and 3:56 for a 31-day month.

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