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7.26.18 – (LUS) – Mandatory Web-Based Training Due October 1st

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Mandatory Web-Based Training Due October 1stLUS

Three new web-based training (WBT) activities have been added to Learning Hub. As a reminder, ALL LUS WBTs are due October 1st.

Crew Portal is the gateway to TTS, ROTA/D, ETB, AVBA, PBS and more. This is also where you go for all of your schedule details and quick links to other useful websites.

Electronic Trade Board (ETB) allows you to pick up, drop and/or trade sequences, vacation, and Reserve days off with other Flight Attendants, on a first come first served basis.

Flight Operating System (FOS) handles operational schedules, flight planning and crew management. FOS replaces CATCREW.

Preferential Bidding System (PBS) is a line construction tool to help you build your monthly schedule based on your personal preferences and seniority.

Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA) is a seniority base system that allows Reserve Flight Attendants to bid for next day sequences, Reserve Availability Periods (RAPs) and standby shifts up to 7 days prior.

Reserve Open Time Daily Assignment – Daily (ROTD) processes any open sequences and standby shifts for the current day and for the following day if they open after ROTA has processed.

Trip Trade System (TTS) is a seniority based system that allows Lineholders to pick up, drop and trade sequences with other Flight Attendants through open time up to 2 days prior to departure.

Unsuccessful Bidders List (UBL) runs after TTS and allows Lineholders to pick up, drop, and/or trade sequences with other Flight Attendants through open time, that originate today and tomorrow.

Vacation Management System (VMS) manages your vacation with rebids, filler days and VEX days on a monthly basis.

FOI Quick Guide

FOI Complete Guide

If you have any questions or problems completing the training contact the Training Support Desk at 800-872-7456, option 2, 2, 5, pause 1.


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