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7.27.18 – (LAA) – APFA Live Phone Bank Support Center

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APFA Live Phone Bank Support CenterLAA

Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA) is now open. The first run for ROTA will be on July 31 (for August 1) at 1500 HBT. As a reminder, the Golden Day (GD)/Flex Day (FD) closes today, July 27 at 1200 CT.

ROTA/ROTD Tutorial

You may bid for generic sequences, specific sequences, ROC (Remain on Call), standbys, and RAPs (Reserve Availability Periods) originating on the following operating day. The sequences, standbys and RAP’s that are considered for the ROTA run are those that originate on the following day after 0200 HBT. If you are awarded/assigned a sequence through ROTA, you will not receive any ASG clicks. You will receive an ASG click for each calendar day of a sequence that you were assigned through ROTD.  ASG clicks are used, in part, to determine your position on the daily call-out report.

No later than 1930 HBT on July 31:  ROTA will finish processing for August 1st awards and assignments, and one of three things will happen:

  1. You’ll receive a RAP (reserve availability period) or;
  2. You’ll receive standby duty or;
  3. You’ll receive a trip

You will be notified via email and CCI and, at your option, via text message. You will need to check Crew Portal or CCI to see trip or standby details and acknowledge your trip or standby. You must acknowledge by 2230 HBT the night before for ROTA awards and assignments.  

You will also need to check and acknowledge assignments in CCI or Crew Portal at the start of your RAP.  If no assignment, then any assignment after your RAP starts positive contact is required.

The APFA Live Phone Bank Support Center will be open around the clock beginning at 0900 CT on Monday, July 30th through 1700 CT on Thursday, August 2nd. 

APFA Live Phone Bank
Support Center:


APFA Reps are available to assist members with the August changes as well as implementation of the following systems which are effective for trips originating in the August bid month:

  • Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA/ROTD)
  • Trip Trade System (TTS)
  • Electronic Trade Board (ETB)

NOTE: There will be a period of time where both HIBOARD and ETB are active simultaneously. LAA Flight Attendants will utilize HIBOARD for trips originating in July and ETB for trips originating in August.

Additional resources on the upcoming changes are available on the JCBA Hot Topics section of the APFA website.

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