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7.27.18 – (LAA) – ETB and TTS Helpful Hints

ETB and TBS Helpful Hints  LAA

Multiple Sequences in a Single ETB Drop Post

In ETB, a Flight Attendant can add multiple sequences in a single post. When you are creating a post for dropping sequences and you are adding more than one sequence, you are telling the Flight Attendant picking up the post that you want to drop all the sequences together. The Flight Attendant picking up the sequences is agreeing to add all those sequences to their schedule. It is essentially an “all or nothing” transaction. If you are only interested in picking up one of the sequences posted, do not click on the Accept button. You can send a private trade request to the flight attendant posting the sequences for a single trip. If you have posted all your sequences together in error, delete your post and then list them as individual drops.

OE vs. TT in your HI1

There have been a number of questions from flight attendants regarding removal and add codes in their August HI1 in regards to TTS and ETB. In the past there were different rules if you picked up a trip as an OE or TT. Starting in August, you can drop, trade or pickup from either of the systems regardless of how you acquired the trip. Trips picked up from ETB will have an OE code and trips picked up from TTS will have a TT code. It is your choice how you would like to handle those trips. You may pick up a trip from ETB and then subsequently trade or drop it on TTS and/or ETB. Additionally, you can pick up a trip from TTS and/or trade it on TTS and ETB.

Drop Request in TTS 

When creating a trade request in TTS, you as the flight attendant, can also add a drop request in the same transaction. In the example below you can see a drop request after several trade requests. You can place the drop request at the beginning, middle or the end of the request. It is entirely up to you.

Do recognize, that it does matter where you place the drop request, for when it will be processed.  For example, if you place the drop request in the middle, TTS will first try to trade for the listed sequences, if unable to trade, it would drop and if TTS cannot drop it would look at the remaining sequences to see if a trade is possible.

When you add the drop request, it will automatically be placed as your last choice. You can use the up arrows to move the drop request to where you would like it ranked in your request.

Attending CQ in your Grace Month

If you choose to attend CQ in your grace month, you may be denied trade or pick up requests in both TTS and ETB, for the following month. If you are in your grace month and your qualifications have not been updated upon completion of your training, any transaction will be denied until your qualifications have been updated. Because you are in your grace month, FOS will assume you are QI (qualifications insufficient) for the subsequent month. Should you wish to participate in TTS and ETB when they open, you must have your qualifications updated prior to any trade or pick up transactions being approved. Drop request will be approved even if your qualifications have not been updated.

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