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8.03.18 – (LAA/LUS) – APFA National President Addresses the Membership



APFA National President Addresses the Membership


Hi Everybody, this is Lori Bassani, the APFA National President.

I wanted to speak to you, the members, directly because what’s happening right now is totally unacceptable to your Union, to your President, and to your Leadership. I just got off a two-hour call from our Base Leadership who outlined and told us all of the issues going on out in the different base cities but I know first-hand what has been going on from right here at headquarters. We have been here around the clock. We have our team of experts working with you, listening to your issues, answering your phone calls; however, the real issue is that we have a system right now that does not work with line bidding.

As you know this Administration took office after that [system] was put into place. So what we are seeing right now is Contract violations, seniority violations and they are out of hand. We are calling on the Company to fix this and to fix it right away. It is their job to make sure that their technology works with the size of our work group and that’s not happening right now.

So I want you to know that we are working on this and we have called upon the Company to come up with the answers and the resolutions to make this right. Our job is to take care of our members. The Company’s job is to make sure that that system works for our membership.  I want you to know that we are on this. We’re working on it and we’re not going to let it drop. So with that, please send all of the issues that you are having down here to our headquarters’ team at APFA. We are going to go line by line, issue by issue and we’re going to get it rectified. So please send those to us here and we will be talking to you soon. I will update you as soon as I hear how the Company intends to fix these issues.

Thank you and have a great weekend.

Lori Bassani
APFA National President




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