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8.07.18 – Equipment Swaps, Manchester, FOI


Equipment Swaps

We continue to see a lot of our A330 trips swapped with LAA metal. If one of your trips is equipment subbed, you are pay protected under the equipment substitution language. As always, you will need to submit a claim via Direct Connect. You may also double-dip over the footprint of the trip. The contractual reference may be found in Red Book 10.E.3.m:

A Lineholder may conduct ISAP transactions that would result in actual flying on day (s) pay protected by another portion of this Section 10. The Lineholder will receive pay and credit for such time.

Manchester, England

We had assumed the Company was going to put out a notification that the metal swap for MAN has been extended through September 6th, prior to the trip sheets coming out.  Obviously that did not happen.

I did send a rather frustrated email to the Company asking them to put this information out, as we should not have to carry their water.  As of this writing, they have not yet sent anything out.

Please be aware these trips for the first week in September will not be available for bid in PBS.



As of today, we are being told FOI is still on track for the October bid month. We have WBTs that have been loaded into the Learning Hub that need to be completed by October 1st. Please continue to read all of the communications sent out by APFA. Information may be found on the APFA website under the JCBA tab at Company information may be obtained via our Company issued email accounts and Jetnet.

We will be experiencing big changes to our way of life. Please do not be unprepared. All final sections of the JCBA will be implemented at FOI for LUS.

These changes include but are not limited to:

  • Leaving CATS and moving into FOS
  • Rotating Reserve
  • Speaker Changes
  • Deadheading Changes
  • Hours of Service/Duty Day Legality Changes

We will also see timeline changes for bidding in September for October. Remember, we are leaving ISAP and moving to TTS.

TTS will open up on September 20th for the first run the night of September 21st for October scheduling adjustments.

If you have not visited the FOI Navigation booth in the crew rooms, it is highly recommended that you take the time to stop by to learn about the changes on the horizon, and learn how to use these tools to receive your best schedule.

In Unity,

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