Representing the Flight Attendants
of American Airlines

Representing the Flight Attendants of American Airlines

8.08.18 – (LAA/LUS) – A Message from APFA National President, Lori Bassani




Hi, this is APFA National President Lori Bassani with an important update. With the implementation of the Crew Portal, ETB, TTS and ROTA for LAA Flight Attendants, multiple system issues continue to plague our members. In just over a month, LUS Flight Attendants will also be working under these same systems, which are clearly not ready for a proper rollout.

As I stated in my address last Friday, there have been numerous system issues, contract and seniority violations. A few that we have identified include but are not limited to:

  • ROTA and ROTD Seniority Violations
  • Speaker Logic within ROTA
  • Month to Month Trip Legalities
  • July to August Carry-over
  • Home Base Rest Violations
  • ETB Glitches
  • Crew Schedule Not Following Strict Order of Open Time Award and Assignment

We have developed a Scheduling System Issues Report Form on the APFA website for you to document your issues with the new systems. This form will help us collect important data and we ask that you provide us with the pertinent information that we need.

While we are providing support for our members, we want to be very clear that the company is responsible for providing fixes to the faulty systems and resolution for our members. As of now, there has been no acknowledgment by the company that there is a widespread problem, however they have agreed to meet with us this week regarding our concerns.

Our main focus is to ensure these systems work as intended, and that our members are made whole. We will not stand for violations to our contract and our members’ seniority. We are continuing to collect data while exploring all options.

In Unity,

Lori Bassani
APFA National President



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