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8.15.18 – Reserve Round Table, LRD Bidding Tool, Rotating Reserve, Flight Service Champion Award, E-190




Upcoming Reserve Round Table in DCA – Thursday, August 23, 2018

JCBA Reserve will be implemented at FOI in October 2018 for all PBS Bases.

We will hold a round table discussion for both LUS and LAA on the
Reserve contract language. Topics that are included but not limited to:

  • Line holder Reserve Designator (LRD).
  • GD/FD Designator App
  • Reserve Trading Days Off
  • Reserve use of ETB
  • Reserve Ability to Drop Assignments/Awards via ETB
  • GD/FD Prorated with vacation
  • Reserve Rotation
  • Senior Bump
  • ROTA-D
  • ROTA Enhancements
  • Reserve Calling in Well
  • Pay Protections for Reserves
  • Red Flag Sequences

Where: “The Hub Gathering Room” Center Pier
Ronald Reagan National Airport -DCA (next to Flight Service)

When:  Thursday, August 23, 2018

Time:   11:00 am to 3:00 pm

Representatives from APFA National Headquarters who will conduct the meeting:

Erik Harris, APFA Contract Chair
Becky Lydecker, APFA Scheduling Chair
Renee Mayer, APFA JCBA Specialist 

Please bring your JCBA contract and questions!!


LRD Bidding Tool 

In early September the LRD Bidding Tool will open in Crew Portal. At that time you can place a designator as to whether you want to be a line holder or reserve for October. Senior bump language will apply only during this time period.
Rotating Reserve will begin in October 

-Flight Attendants will be straight reserve up to one year seniority.
-Seniority years 2-4 will rotate one month reserve and one month line holder.
-Seniority years 5 and up will rotate one month reserve and 3 months line holder.

Last month a list of Flight Attendants at each year of seniority was published as a sample guide provided by the company.

This UDC chart is a fluid snapshot, as we have base transfers, VLOAs and other movement within the seniority that can effect the numbers.

Years of Seniority – # of F/A’s Date Range of Seniority
1st year  101 F/A’s
(1/8/18 – 6/8/18)

2-5 years  50 F/A’s
(11/4/13 – 4/10/17)

5-10 years  46 F/A’s
(1/9/11 – 9/2/13)

10-15 years  2 F/A’s
(8/2/04 – 3/24//08)

15-20 years  52 F/A’s
(10/18/98 – 5/14/01)

20-25 years  23 F/A’s
(5/16/94 – 9/20/98)

25-30 years   60 F/A’s
(10/24/88 – 5/24/93)

30-35 years   71 F/A’s
(10/10/83 – 9/26/88)

35-40 years 39 F/A’s
(11/6/78 – 8/22/83)

40+ years  35 F/A’s
(11/4/57 – 9/25/78)


DCA Flight Attendants that were chosen for the “Flight Service Champion Award”

Georgia Cipriani
Gina Fowlkes
Ken Geissler
Marcus Goodman
Jeff Hopp
Sean Madden
Jesus Rodriguez
Gary Traube
Robert Valenta
Karl Williams

There were 280 Flight Attendants chosen system wide!  CONGRATULATIONS to All!!

The company has announced that starting in November the E190 aircraft will be part of the bid package and serve
the American shuttle routes. Voluntary training is being offered for those interested in flying E190. Bidding for this aircraft will begin with October’s PBS.

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DCA-U Flight Attendant Union

In unity,

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