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8.24.18 – (LAA) – RSVCOT – Reserve Calling Out of Time, Formerly Known as “Maxing Out”


RSVCOT – Reserve Calling Out of Time, Formerly Known as “Maxing Out” LAA
There is a new item on the HI1 that is labeled RSVCOT. This field keeps track of the hours you have flown for the Company. The difference between this and the monthly maximum – in a normal non-flex month – 90 hours is the amount you remain available for the Company. Once you have reached 85.01 you will no longer be available for an assignment.

  • Reserve Calling Out of Time (RSVCOT) is not an automatic release for the remaining available days.
  • If your RSVCOT is 85.01 or greater, you may call Crew Scheduling to be released from your remaining Reserve days.
  • If you have called out of time and been released from the remainder of your Reserve days, these days will be considered off days. You may pick up additional flying from ETB or submit a bid Pick-up on FD/GD (ROTA) or ROTD (check award into FD/GD waiver). You may utilize these bids to pick up Red Flag trips.
  • If you have not called out of time (released), based on your ROTA future or standing bid you can be awarded one time above 90 hours (in a normal non-flex month). Remember to remove any future or standing bids in ROTA if your RSVCOT is between 85.01 and 90 hours if you do not want to be awarded a sequence in ROTA.
  • If your RSVCOT is less than 90 hours and you do not call out of time (released) you can continue to submit aggressive bids and be awarded through ROTD. The aggressive hours will not count towards RSVCOT.
  • If your RSVCOT is 90 hours or more, you cannot be awarded or assigned in ROTA or ROTD. You will not be able to pick up on your Reserve days until you are released.
  • If you submit an aggressive bid for standby, the standby credit will count towards calling out of time. If you are assigned a sequence during the standby shift those hours will also count towards calling out of time.
  • You are not required to accept an assigned trip that exceeds the monthly maximum.
  • You may bid for and be awarded a trip that exceeds the monthly maximum.


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