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8.30.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Rotating Reserve, Deadheading, Domestic Minimum Rest, Position Letters, Golden Day, ATW Travel Award Tickets

As we move closer to FOI (Flight Attendant Operational Integration) beginning October 1, 2018, I wanted to highlight differences from what we know today. There are many changes in the JCBA, even though the foundation is the Red Book Contract language. Please make yourself aware of changes especially to sections:

If you do not have a JCBA Contract, you can access one HERE from the APFA website or pick up a hard copy from Flight Service.

Rotating Reserve

Please Note: if you were hired before Dec 13, 2014  (date of signing the JCBA) you will move to the 1 on / 3 off (every fourth month ) rotation beginning with your 4th (instead of 5th ) year of flying

Once a clear picture has been established of who will serve Reserve, information will be published in the Line Holder Reserve Designator (LRD) tool (prior to PBS opening) at that time you may utilize your seniority to “Senior Bump” in order to change your reserve months during the year, a certain rotation or if you simply want to be reserve status for the next month. If you are a Reserve and would like to bump off of Reserve you can indicate this as well

Flight Attendants that are not considered for Reserve and do not want to be Reserve no action is needed.

LRD will open September 3, at Noon (CT) and close September 7 at Noon (CT). The LRD tool can be found on crew portal. You will want to check to see what status you are for the next bid month. Using the LRD tool you will have the option to change your status if you choose to do so.  If VLOA’s are offered, you may be tentative status.  If you are tentative status, the default is lineholder, yet you still have the option to bid onto reserve. You can find more information about this tool on the APFA website. This is where you can also find information about Reserve Rotation.

Once your status has been determined after the LRD tool has run it will not change, unless there are line holder openings due to medical leaves, etc. At this point the system will look for Reserve Flight Attendants who were tentative and pulled onto reserve in the LRD, next reserves who had requested to be a line holder in seniority order in the LRD, but remained Reserve. If there are no requests, then the system will junior assign the remaining lines of flying. All Reserves who fall within one of the prior three categories mentioned should bid 7 layers of Lineholder and 7 layers of Reserve.

The PBS dashboard will be updated at the opening of the PBS bid period.

Please familiarize yourself with the contract language which can be found in Section 12 – Reserve Duty

As a reminder, ALL LUS WBTs are due October 1st. The WBTs will highlight changes at FOI in the systems and  here are a few other noteworthy changes.

Deadheading: Section 16 – JCBA 

Deadhead (DH) – changes to unscheduled deadhead – if an unscheduled DH is needed to complete a sequence back to base you will be placed on the next available flight with seats available. Crew scheduling will look at each flight to your base to determine which flight has seats to accommodate the entire crew, including if needed a connection,  If no seats are available you will remain overnight and take the next available flight with seats the next day.(Applicable rigs and per diem will apply )

Note: the crew WILL get back to base during the next days duty period even if it means overselling a flight

Scheduled DH, including back to base will be confirmed seating listed as A1D, you may standby for an earlier flight and will be listed as an RID.

DH to commuter city vs home domicile – On last leg of sequence, a commuting FA may elect to DH to their commuter city in lieu of their crew base. The commuter will be provided with positive space travel on the next flight that has available seats.

Hours of Service : Section 11 – JCBA

Domestic Home Domicile Rest (HDR)

Lineholders will be scheduled for 11 hours of pure rest after completing a domestic sequence; and may be reduced in actual operations at the FAs option or by waiving in PBS , TTS  or  ETB.

Reserves will be scheduled for 12 hours of pure rest after completing a domestic or NIPD sequence; and may be reduced in actual operations at the FAs option or by waiving in ROTA, ROTD or ETB.

Domestic Minimum Layover Rest

Scheduled sequence rest CANNOT be less than 9 hours and :30 mins and in actual operation can NOT go below 8 hours and :20 mins. This will allow for 8 hours of rest “ Behind the door “ if you can’t achieve 8 hours of pure rest contact crew schedule.

Position Letters to Become Numbers 

Airbus 319/320 Series:

  • A = 1
  • B = 2
  • C = 4

Position bump will no longer be part of the contract. A Lineholder or Reserve once awarded or assigned a sequence the position given will be your position. If you mutually agree to swap positions than the #1 FA will use the FA position swap App on the FA tablet to complete the trade

Golden and Flex Day App

This application is available through crew portal and will allow a reserve once they receive their schedule to be able to reassign which days are designated as
golden and/ or flex. This app does not trade or change days off,  it just changes the status of the days

Golden Day = A Reserve FA can not be assigned to fly into these days from either ROTA or ROTA D processing

Flex Day = A Reserve FA can be assigned into one or more flex days; provided a strict order of processing  is followed before assignment.

The days that are converted in the app must follow all rules and patterns set forth

The App opens on the 20th @ 1800  DFW and closes on the 27th @ 1200 DFW

Reserve FAs can trade days off with other reserves by using the ETB

Reserve FAs can drop trips using ETB

Changes at FOI for Monthly Timelines and Procedures 

PBS Opens @ Noon (CT) 10th of the month
PBS Closes @ Noon (CT) 15th of the month

Starting in October, during the processing the last 3 days of the month are frozen for use of TTS  and ETB as to not create a conflict.

PBS results will be final on the 20th @ Noon (CT) in Crew Portal and FOS.

TTS will open on the 20th (noon DFW) and the first TTS run will be on the 21st  from 2300-0400 HDT posting results no later than 0400 HDT.

ETB will immediately open and start to receive requests @0400 HDT the morning of the 22nd. At opening time the board will than begin to populate postings; unlike today where the board would accept activity before officially opening.

Daily assignments or aggressive awards must be electronically acknowledged at the start of a RAP.

For RAPS that operate between 12 midnight and 0500, the Reserve will receive a phone call to make them aware of a trip assignment or award. However, outside this period you are responsible to check your schedule on Crew Portal when your RAP begins for any assignment-award placed on your line. This must be acknowledge electronically.

Once your RAP begins, any sequence or standby that opens up and you are assigned -awarded you will than receive a phone call from crew Schedule. Like today, if you miss the call you  have 15 minutes to call crew scheduling back.

co-terminal minimum reserve report time is 3 hours from positive contact or if an assignment is placed on your line at the beginning of your RAP period.
In no case shall you not be given 3 hours to report.

*Per the FOI settlement- Letter of Agreement  (LOA)

All FAs at FOI and continuing until all bases are on PBS will automatically have a TTS max of up to 115 hours

All PBS and non-PBS based Flight Attendants will not be responsible for cabin cleaning starting at FOI (October) until all bases are on PBS, at that time cleaning will revert to the current procedures.

ATW Travel Award Tickets

ATW travel award tickets must be used and trip completed by December 31, 2018. The trip must be booked 21 days in advance of departure. The rules that apply can be found on the travel planner on Jetnet.

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