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9.09.18 – CATCREW, MobileCCI, MobileFOS, TTS, ROTA, ROTD



As each day passes, we move closer to FOI. We have put together some things that you might want to consider doing, saving and downloading to assist with this transition.


CATCREW retires September 30th. With the cutover to FOS, we will not be able to reference anything in CATCREW. We recommend that you take the time to print or screen shot your September pay screen, CATCREW option 5, prior to the cutover to FOS.  Also, consider capturing a record of your September monthly schedule (CATCREW option 2), your sick accrual balance option (CATCREW screen 24), and vacation award (CATCREW option 15).

MobileCCI and MobileFOS

Beginning October 1st, we will be using MobileCCI to check- in for trips. This means you will no longer have to report to the crew room to check- in.  You may download MobileCCI on your personal devices, and it is also available on your tablet. Click the links to download MobileCCI and MobileFOS, or go to Jetnet>Flight Service>Tools and Links.

Trip Trade System (TTS)

TTS will replace ISAP, and it will open on September 20th with the first run the night of September 21st for the October bid month.  Since TTS is programmed with FOS, there is no way for us to participate in any type of mock bidding. More information may be found HERE.

Reserve Open Time Assignment (ROTA AND ROTD)

With FOI comes the final implementation of the entire JCBA, which includes reserve rotation, the new ROTA, and ROTD. Here are some documents to help you navigate these new systems: ROTA and ROTD

Please continue to read ALL hotlines sent out by APFA. There is a lot of change on the horizon.

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