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9.09.18 – Oct 2018 Allocations Call

October 2018 DFW Allocations Call Information

Manning Information:

  • 5607 Headcount for October
  • 5321 Available headcount at DFW
  • 3827 Bid jobs are planned.  Decrease of 91 jobs from September.  Increase of 84 jobs year over year
  • No open replacement lines are planned
  • 671 Vacation Relief lines are planned
  • No VLOAs are planned for October

823 (15.5%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve in October.  System Reserve percentage is 15.3%.  Increase of 90 Flight Attendants from September 2018.  If you are on the back up reserve list, it is recommended to add reserve bids in addition to your regular selections.

October has a high number of vacations relief lines planned.  When vacation relief lines are substantial the potential for lines breaking/busting increases. Manning has forecasted a possibility of 94 relief adjustments for October.

Bidding vacation relief/Open replacement remains unpredictable.  Filler trips may be added to vacation reliefs up to 85 hours.  Remarks will be considered but may not be honored.  A mix of International and Domestic trips may be necessary.  Remarks are read in highest to lowest priority.

Vacancy transfers have been processed with an effective date of November 1st.  DFW will receive 106 Flight Attendants with system seniority numbers ranging from 14 ( May 1965) to 8172 (January 1989).

Mutual transfers will be captured on September 26th for an effective date of November 1st.  Information regarding transfers can be found on the Flight Service website under Crew Resources/Crew Planning.

Target line average for DFW 80.45 hours.  System line average 80.26.

Special Flying/Events in October:

Schedule change on October 4th, ABQ Balloon Festival, Winter IATA season begins/seasonal transition starting on October 28th , and Halloween.

Allocations had to mix flying on some lines in October.  We continue to address this issue requesting no/limited mixing.  We have also recommended lower line averages on some bid lines to limit this practice.

We continue to discuss with the allocations department our disappointment in the DFW bid sheet and the quality of the trips.  Sequences working six to eight legs for minimal pay, bid lines working 15 days for 75 hours, trips built to the maximum duty/flying limits followed by a 10-hour layover.  We are hopeful that DFW will see improvements in November when the airline is fully integrated.

Don’t forget to check out the header section on the DFW bid sheet.  Up-to-date information regarding RAP’s, Standby times, PBS training classes, CQ information, schedule highlights and much more is published monthly.

Bids open and paper bid sheets will be available on September 11th.  Bids close at noon DFW time on September 15th.  Bid awards are final on September 20th.

As a reminder, DFW has a designated email address for Bid sheet questions and concerns. Please email:

Domestic Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution:  1D—5.7%  2D—22.2%  3D—63.0%  4D—9.0%
4FA Solution:  1D—40.5% 2D—16.1%  3D—40.3%  4D—3.1%

Domestic Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less than 11 Hours:  18.7%
Overnight Rest Greater than 12 Hours:  68.4%
Overnight Rest Greater than 24 Hours:  3.1%

Domestic FA Productivity:

Scheduled block Hours per Calendar Day:  5 hours 9 minutes
Credit Hours per Duty Period: 5 hours 39 minutes
Credit Hours per Calendar Day: 5 hours 20 minutes
Domestic Sit Time: 2 Hours-10%  2.5 Hours-3.4%  3 Hours-0.9%
Number of Leg Distribution:  1 Leg-21.1%  2 Legs-48.9%  3 Legs-29.9%

NIPD Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution:  1D-0.0%  2D-3.1%  3D-70.4%  4D-26.5%
4FA Solution:  1D-37.5%  2D-13.8%  3D-40.2%  4D-8.5

NIPD Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less than 11 Hours: 13.8%
Overnight Rest Greater than 12 Hours:  76.8%
Overnight Rest Greater than 24 Hours: 7.7%

NIPD FA Productivity:

Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day:  5 Hours 9 minutes
Credit Hours Per Duty Period:  5 Hours 47 minutes
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5 Hours 18 minutes
NIPD Sit Time: 2 Hours-7.8%  2.5 Hours-3.4%  3 Hours-1.6%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1 Leg-32%  2 Legs-43.5%  3 Legs-24.3%

DFW Combined Operation Percentage of Sequences all equipment all positions:

1D-25.2%  2D-12.9%  3D-51.1%  4D-10.8%

In Unity,

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