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9.11.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Pay Protection Procedures for Hurricane Florence



For normal operations and especially in major storms and disruptions, it is always beneficial for Flight Attendants to know their contractual language for pay protections. With a major storm approaching this week, we wanted to give you the tools you may need to know as it applies to pay protection.Flight Attendants should be familiar with the JCBA sections 10, 11 and 12 relating to rescheduling (JCBA 10.J) and pay protections under Illegal Thru No Fault (JCBA 10.L).

Below are a few links that will help you better understand the JCBA language:

Rescheduling and Pay Protection
FAQs Rescheduling and Pay Protection  (scroll down in this document to see the pay protection Q&As.)
Illegal Thru No Fault JSIC Podcast
Rescheduling (Section 10J) and Pay Protection JSIC Podcast



1. When a Lineholder’s last series of sequences in a bid month is cancelled in its entirety, or when a Lineholder is illegal through no fault to originate her/his last sequence of the bid month, she/he shall be paid and credited for the entire sequence.

2. When a Lineholder becomes illegal after origination (whether such illegality is known prior to or after origination) for a portion(s) of her/his last sequence of the bid month, she/he must originate such sequence and shall be split off at the latest point the sequence passes through her/his crew base and she/he remains legal. If the sequence does not pass through the Flight Attendant’s crew base prior to her/his becoming illegal, she/he shall be split off at the point of illegality. In either circumstance, she/he will be paid and credited for the portion(s) of the sequence for which she/he was illegal.

3. If a Lineholder is unable to originate her/his last sequence of the bid month because the origination has cancelled (whether known prior to or after report), the Company may request the Flight Attendant to split onto such sequence, and the Flight Attendant must split on, subject to the following conditions:

a. The notification of the split must occur prior to the completion of the first scheduled duty period of such sequence. When a Lineholder reports to the airport and signs in for the sequence and is subsequently notified of the split, she/he will be provided with hotel accommodations in the event the sequence does not originate on the same day.

b. The Company’s request must be made pursuant to Paragraph J.10-29

c. The Flight Attendant shall be pay protected for the cancelled portion(s) of such sequence.

d. If the Company does not make such request, the Flight Attendant shall be released and pay protected for the entire sequence.

4. If a Lineholder is legal to originate and to complete her/his last sequence of the bid month, but some portion(s) of such sequence are cancelled, she/he will be pay protected for the cancelled portion(s) but will be obligated to fly the portion(s) of the sequence that are not cancelled.

5. After origination, a Flight Attendant on her/his last trip of the month may be rescheduled in accordance with Paragraph J.4.

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