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9.14.18 – Elevate in NYC, Purser NOD, Pay Protection

Elevate in NYC

Our base representatives became aware of the lack of a class being offered in NYC in October when the October bid sheet was published.  Raymond Lewis, LGA Base President and Cathy Ryder, LGA Vice President are working with management trying to get some classes offered in NYC in October.  It is still being discussed and she will update the base if there’s any change.


Purser NOD

Raymond and Cathy are filing a NOD (Notice of Dispute) regarding the way scheduling is handling the filling of openings of the Purser position on flights.  If you are a Purser qualified Flight Attendant and have been denied a trip, i.e. not given the trip, not moved up when requesting to be moved up, or working a non-Purser position on a crew when the Purser position was given to a non-qualified Flight Attendant on a trip, please send full details via email to Raymond ( and Cathy (  Please include the sequence details, the sequence number, date, position, your employee number, if you had a TTS/UBL request submitted, the reasons stated in your TTS/UBL history, and any screenshots relevant to the scenario.  Include details of any communication with scheduling including times, dates, names of scheduler, and a recap of your conversation.  If you habe spoken to FABRC regarding a particular scenario include those details as well.  Of course, include your information, name, employee number, and contact information in your email.  We encourage you to not use your AA email address whenever communication with APFA and your local representatives.


Pay Protection LOA

Raymond and Cathy also want to remind all Flight Attendants about the LOA regarding pay protection:

Pay Protection LOA >>

Due to the structure of the LOA it does result in delayed payout for pay protected trips.  It is recommended that Flight Attendants keep copies of their HI1’s/2’s and thoroughly check each pay stub to verify that you receive the full pay that you are owed.

In Unity,

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Cathy Ryder, LGA Base Vice President

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