9.21.18 – Introductions, Mock Bidding, Elevate Classes, Sick Policy, Purser Issues


We’d like to welcome two new Base Council Reps to the LGA team, Rich Gale and Rosalin Inyang.  Rich was previously a MIA BCR and Contract/Scheduling Rep at APFA headquarters and will serve as the APFA FOI Specialist for LGA.  Rich can be reached at 704-929-8348 or email: lgarep3@apfa.org​. Rosalind Inyang previously worked as a BCR for New York and can be reached at 615-479-7721 or email: rosinyang@gmail.com

Mock Bidding 

LGA had only 56.72% base participation. We would like to remind you that we need at least 70% base participation for an accurate idea of what you are likely to hold when PBS goes live in January 2019 for the February bid run. You’ll receive $25 in training pay for your participation. This is per month, not per bid run.

When PBS goes live, please remember that we will no longer have bid sheets as a reference. You’ll need to refer to an allocation sheet for trip information, which is the same as today. The link for Mock Bidding is ​https://fapbs-mock.aa.com/aospbs2/ 

Elevate Classes 

Two Elevate classes were added to the schedule for October. Elevate will be held the 24th and 25th at the JFK Airport Conference Center. In order for the classes to take place,  there must be a minimum of 15 participants.  Self-enrollment opens Sept 22nd 9:00 a.m. CDT and closes Sept 26th at 9:00 CDT

Sick Policy 

This will stand as another reminder that the new Flight Attendant sick policy goes into effect October 1st. Now is a good time to review your absences and ascertain how many points you have and if there are any errors. If there are errors, please bring them to the attention of your FSM.

Raymond and Cathy are strongly opposed to the sick policy and will not allow American to abuse it. In this vein, there was a Presidential Grievance filed by APFA National President, Lori Bassani, August 16, 2018.

Purser Issues 

We continue to have our contract violated by crew schedule with regards to the Purser position. Management in New York has been working with us to make sure our contract is honored to the best of their ability. With that being said, if you see that there is a non-Purser qualified Flight Attendant in the position, on the day of departure, call the JFK MOD’s office at (718)487-7882 and they will move the most senior Purser qualified Flight Attendant into the Purser position.  Since the Purser Volunteer Program is no longer available the “V” is not being looked at by crew schedule and they can no longer move a Purser from one sequence to an entirely different sequence as in the past.

If you have successfully attempted to be moved up to the Purser position either through TTS, UBL, or through JFK flight service MOD, contact Direct Connect regarding getting paid for the position. Include all documentation, including screen shots and submit to Direct Connect.  Remember to email your FSM and cc Raymond Lewis, prlga@apfa.org and Cathy Ryder, vplga@apfa.org

As always, feel free to contact any of our LGA Base Council Reps regarding any issues.

In Unity,

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