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9.21.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Trip Trade System (TTS) – PBS Bases

Trip Trade System (TTS) – PBS Bases

TTS is a new system that replaces ISAP to pick up, drop, and trade sequences post PBS awards. While some of the “behind the curtain” logic is the same as ISAP the user interface is a significant departure from what you are used to when inputting ballots in ISAP.

The processing times for ISAP and TTS will be the same September 21 through September 28 (20:00 – 06:00 Home Base Time (HBT)). Then, effective with the TTS run beginning on Sept. 29 (20:00 HBT), the system will finish processing Sept. 30 (04:00 HBT).TTS will process your ballots every night starting at 23:000 HBT and the results will be published no later than 04:00 HBT the following morning. The first run for the next month’s sequences will start on the 21st of every month and run nightly throughout the month.

*Please note: Unlike ISAP, TTS is not an iterative system. It will not use a linear logic, meaning it will not award building off earlier units. If your first request was to trade or drop a trip, it will not see that as completed until the entire run is over. This could impact subsequent requests in the same run.

Reminder: TTS will continue to process your requests every night until you remove them or are awarded one of your selections.

With the initial launch of TTS in August for the LAA Flight Attendants, there were some limitations on the number of requests and choices within those ballots. While we are not happy that limitations exist on the number of requests and choices, it is not possible to forecast how many Flight Attendants will participate in TTS on any given night, and contractually, we must have the nightly results by 04:00.

Base Size Sets Custom Parameters for Number of Transactions

After reviewing the data and discussion with the APFA Board of Directors; the decision was made for the initial launch to have unique parameters regarding the number of requests and choices dependent on the size of your base. In addition, each base is unique in its type of flying as well as equipment. For these reasons, the decision was to forgo a “one size fits all” parameter in favor of “unique” parameters for our bases, reflecting the needs of our members at each base.

Parameters for TTS by Base Size

Request – a prioritized desire for a drop, pickup or trade transaction. Size of your base will determine how many ballots and requests you can have in each TTS run.

A.  Small Bases: (SFO, RDU, SLT, DCA, BOS) will be able to place up to 15 requests with up to 200 choices within each request.

B.  Medium Bases: (LGA, ORD, LAX, PHL, CLT, PHX) will be able to place up to 7 requests with up to 185 choices in each request.

C.  Large Bases: (DFW, MIA) will be able to place up to 5 requests with up to 200 choices in each request.

Please note: These parameters will not apply to Pure UBL Request processing.

There are numerous resources on the APFA website and Crew Change on JetNet to assist you with completing your TTS ballot. APFA will also have extended hours to answer your questions as well as the FABRC.

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