9.21.18 – Professional Standards


APFA Professional Standards

APFA Professional Standards can assist you with conflicts or issues that arise in the workplace. Consider just the numerous changes taking place during this merger. And there is the uniqueness of our job as Flight Attendants due to the fact that we interact with many other employees (Pilots, Customer Service Representatives, Caterers, Cleaners, Mechanics) while overseeing the safety and comfort of hundreds of customers a day at 36,000 feet can be challenging at best. Then toss in those fatigue inducing trip sequences or numerous weather delays and disruptions.

Here are some common Pro-Standards issues:

  1. Lack of crew communication during turbulence resulting in Flight Attendant and customer injuries. We are working with Safety & Security along with the Airline Allied Pilots (APA) to ensure pilots use the ALL CALL rather than going through the 1/Purser Flight Attendant when time is of the essence.
  2. Conflicts with other Flight Attendants stemming from “1/Purser not helping pick up trash,” “possible abuse of Crew Cash,”continually on PEDS during boarding,” or “refusing to do Monitor and Challenge.”
  3. Cabin Jumpseat Procedures not being followed, i.e “failing to identify themselves,” “sleeping, or giving the appearance of, and “lax dress code.”
  4. Questions regarding whether proper Drug and Alcohol Testing Procedures were followed.

Please remember that we are a confidential safe haven in which Flight Attendants can turn to. Keep in mind that once American Airlines Human Resources is involved there is no “unringing that bell.”

Recently, many of your APFA Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Critical Incident Response Team (CIRT) Representatives participated in the 8th Annual Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FAADAP) Convention in Baltimore, MD.

Left to Right… Susie Wallace – CIRT/EAP, Dianne Britton – UDC Professional Standards, Heather Healy – FADAP Manager 

As I have witnessed while attending and during previous years, this program is especially useful to the FA group because we often lose ourselves while focusing in taking care of others.

Addiction and dependability issues do not care what airline is on our wings. Whether from American, Delta, Southwest, or Air Wisconsin, the strength and courage that it takes for Flight Attendants to stand up in a group of hundreds to tell intimate and moving stories of overcoming personal struggles is both powerful and effective.

FADAP.org – FADAP Confidential Helpline 855-333-2327

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



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