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9.26.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Weekly Scoop


Negotiations Training 

Members of the APFA Negotiating Committee are attending initial bargaining training this week in Dallas. Training is being conducted by Cornell University Instructors.

(L to R: Timothy Legeros, Kelly Hagan, Brian Pinkowski, Sara Corrigan and Brian Morgan)


2019 Annual Enrollment Begins Next Month

2019 Annual Enrollment will take place October 15 through October 26, 2018. Enroll online by October 26 at 11:59 p.m. CT via the Benefits Service Center.

2019 Benefits Guide

Robin Charbonneau, APFA National Communications Chair,

CCI is NOT Considered Positive Contact

For the purposes of rescheduling, Crew Schedule/Tracking MUST notify you through positive contact. The following methods are considered positive contact:

  • An ACARS message containing specific sequence/flight/time details for a same day reschedule.
  • A member of American Airlines management meeting your flight to provide you with details or requesting you to contact Crew Tracking. This includes, but is not limited to Duty Managers, Flight Service Managers (FSMs), and Customer Service Managers (CSMs).
  • Uniformed personnel (e.g. gate agent) meeting your flight to provide you with details or requesting you to contact Crew Tracking.
  • Direct contact with you during your actual duty day (e.g. phone call). A voicemail is not considered positive contact.
  • Direct contact with FA#1, who may be required to notify the rest of the crew. If the crew is not with FA#1 at the point of contact, then Crew Tracking will contact the other Flight Attendants individually.

For the purposes of ROTD assignments, once your RAP begins, Crew Schedule MUST notify you through the following method:

  • Direct contact with you during your actual duty day (e.g. phone call). A voicemail is not considered positive contact.

 – Erik Harris, APFA National Contract Chair,

Become a Champion for Children

You can support UNICEF while you’re at work by becoming a Champion for Children. ‍​​‌‌​‌​‌​​​‌‌‌​​‌​​‍Travelers on international flights can donate their unused currency or make a cash donation to benefit children. Show the Change for Good video and make the Change for Good PA on any international flight – including IFS, AIFS, LFS and to/from Mexico/Canada, and use the blue Change for Good pouch to collect donations. Write your base location and deposit method on the back, and deposit at the designated safe at JFK, BOS, CLT, PHL, PHX, LAX, MIA, STL, DFW or ORD. Sign up to become a Champion for Children at: and Select: Register Now tab.  Pick up your Champions for Children pin and Change for Good PA card (available in eleven languages) at the Crew Service Center. For more information, visit:

Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,

Salary Continuance

What happens when Salary Continuance period comes to an end? How will I be paid?
You will continue to receive your Workers’ Compensation payments from Sedgwick. The IOD admin team will send you a letter before your salary continuance comes to an end. You have 7 days to advise Sedgwick that you want to use your sick bank. This may also be a good time to apply for Long Term Disability.  Remember, you will not be eligible for Long Term Disability unless you exhaust your sick hours. – Johnnea Bigcraft PHX, APFA IOD Rep

 – Bellia Peckson, APFA National IOD Chair,

Flex Day? Golden Day?

A reserve cannot be flown into a Flex Day if there is nowhere to replace the restored day off (converted to a Golden Day). The company cannot force a Flight Attendant into taking the pay above guarantee for a Flex Day if there are still days available to restore the Flex Day.

JCBA 12.D.3


3. If no agreement is reached, or the Reserve fails to call within forty-eight (48) hours of the assignment into such Flex or Golden Day, or the Reserve has no more days of availability in the bid period to be converted into a Golden Day, she/he shall receive pay no credit equal to the value of a Reserve day, i.e., minimum reserve guarantee divided by the number of originally scheduled days in that line that are not Golden or Flex Days, in lieu of the day(s)off.

If the Reserve has no more days of availability in the bid period to be converted to Golden
Days, the Reserve may not be utilized on the Flex Day unless she/he consents to such
assignment in which case the pay protections specified in this Paragraph D, shall apply.

Becky Lydecker, APFA National Scheduling Chair,

Unite the Union

GCAQE – Smoke/Odor/Fumes Conference

Today and yesterday, Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair and I are attending the GCAQE (Global Cabin Air Quality Executive) Smoke/Odor/Fumes Conference at the
Unite The Union headquarters in London.

GCAQE is a global coalition of health and safety advocates committed to raising awareness and finding solutions to poor air quality in aircraft. They represent over 26 organizations, and over one hundred thousand workers around the world.

APFA has been a proud member and involved for many years. Others attending the conference include APA (Airline Pilot’s Association), TWU Local 556 (Southwest Airlines), Pilot and Flight Attendant Unions from Austria, Canada, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands and The United Kingdom.

It’s been an advantage to network and discuss issues and common practices with the groups that represent Flight Attendants, world-wide.

– Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National Safety & Security Chair,

FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018

(Barbara “Dusty” Roads, 1981) 

The House and Senate leadership approved, with bi-partisan support, a five-year extension of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018.  APFA was proud to support this important legislation. We expect the full House to approve this week, followed by the Senate.

Having a strong voice on Capitol Hill and supporting candidates for office who understand and support our issues is one of the most important responsibilities of our union. Your Government Affairs team worked hard on numerous components that were included in the final bill. Congratulations to all who called, visited offices, and supported our efforts.

We thank retired APFA union advocate, Dusty Roads who was a pioneer and trailblazer, fighting for workplace equality and safety for working women and men.  Our work continues.

See our [Timeline] of Legislative Actions.

Julie Frederick for
– Allie Malis, APFA National Government Affairs Representative,

As of today, there have been 4,830 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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