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9.27.18 – (LAA/LUS) – Contract Changes Effective October 1st for LUS Flight Attendants – Part 1

Contract Changes Effective October 1st for LUS Flight Attendants – Part 1

Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI) is quickly approaching, and with it comes full implementation of the JCBA for LUS bases. Going forward all bases will be either PBS or non-PBS bases until May 2019. If you have not already done so, now would be a good time to familiarize yourself with the JCBA Implementation Schedule.

The JSIC has addressed changes to the new JCBA PBS in PBS specific hotlines. This communication will help to recap  the other changes in the scheduling sections in the JCBA. There will be additional hotlines regarding other changes that will happen at FOI. This is not meant to be an all-inclusive document, as many of the changes are deserving of their own hotline. This is an overview of notable changes to keep in mind for October, so please refer to the JCBA or the archived APFA Hotlines for more detailed information.

Section 10 – Scheduling

While much of Section 10 Scheduling and Rescheduling rules remain the same for PBS bases, there are some important differences:

  • 35/7 will remain only for Reserves – A Reserve Flight Attendant may be scheduled to fly up to thirty-five (35) block hours in any seven (7) consecutive days. Further, in actual operations, a Reserve will complete her/his sequence combination even if the scheduled duty limitations are exceeded so long as no applicable Flight Attendant specific FAR is violated
  • Lineholders will need to waive for more than 30/7 in PBS – A Lineholder in PBS or TTS may be scheduled to fly up to thirty (30) block hours in any seven (7) consecutive days.  However, in actual operations a Lineholder will complete her/his sequence combination unless the duty limitation exceeds thirty-five (35) block hours
  • 30/7 will be assumed waiver in TTS/UBL and ETB when a trip is awarded
  • ISAP/UBL will now become TTS/UBL.
  • TTS will open for inputting bids for following month on the 20th of the calendar month at 1200 DFW Time. The first run for the following month will be 2300 Home Base Time (HBT) on 21st of the calendar month
  • ETB will open for submitting requests for the following month trips on the 22nd of the calendar month at 0400 HBT
  • TTS will run nightly 2300 until 0400 HBT. The ETB will resume processing at 0400 HBT and pause during the TTS nightly run
  • 3% daily and monthly open time limits will apply to both TTS and UBL transactions
  • TTS/UBL will not process generic requests
  • UBL will not process trip trades between trips originating in 2 different months (no month to month trades)
  • UBL call rules are changing. Prior to 1500 the day before, no call will be made for the UBL.
  • After 1500 the day prior, if you are on a trip or legal rest (8+30) the trip will be awarded to you and no phone call is made. Otherwise a call is required, unless you unchecked the call button in UBL. When positive contact is made (phone call) you may not refuse the trip.
  • Flight Attendant will “own” their position on the aircraft regardless how they were awarded the sequence. This includes Reserve Flight Attendants.

Notification Prior to Report:

  • Up to 3 days before trip commencement: You can refuse a trip if changes include additional days or not to operate on a day, different layover cities, different city pairs (no pay protection) (10.J.2.b)
  • Within 3 days of trip commencement:  Same criteria as above, but you will need crew scheduling consent to be removed (10.J.2.c.)
  • You will never be required to report earlier than your scheduled report time. (pay protected if replaced-same as today) (10.J.2.d)

Notification After Report:

  • The company now has four (4) hours after disruption or three (3) hours after original sign-in time (whichever is later) to advise you of any reschedule (10.J.3.d.)

Pay Protection Recap:

  • Any time you have a crew substitution, equipment substitution or reschedule on your sequence you will be pay protected for the greater of the original sequence or actual whichever is greater.
  • Equipment Substitution – non-qualified Flight Attendants will be removed first.  The language is clear, it should be senior Flight Attendants removed first. (APFA disagreement with Company interpretation)

Section 11 – Hours of Service

This section has some significant changes, please note the new duty limitations charts, E and F below. You will also notice that all International flying duty limits have been moved to Section 14 – International.

Duty Period Minimums and Rigs

Variable Duty Period Minimum (VM) is replaced with a 3-hour Minimum Day and a 5-hour average day (11.D.1.b.)

Minimum of five (5) hours flight time pay and flight time credit multiplied by the number of duty periods within a sequence provided however, any sequence that contains more
than one (1) duty period will be credited with a minimum of three (3) hours flight time pay and flight time credit for each duty period.

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