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9.28.18 – Base NOD, Annual Benefits Enrollment, Mock Bidding, Elevate Classes, FOI Questions, Trip Issues, Paychecks


Base NOD

Raymond and Cathy continue to receive complaints about the lack of hotel information in the bid packet, which is supposed to be published as per our contract. Section 6.D.3. A Base NOD will be filed to compel the Company to comply with our Contract.


2018 Annual Benefits Enrollment

Mark your calendars, it’s time to review your benefit options and make your selections for yourself and your family. The enrollment period is October 15th – 26th, 2018. The enrollment period is once a year, unless you have a qualifying life event. Enroll online by October 26th 11:59 CT.


Mock Bidding

Round two of mock bidding is now complete and the participation numbers were up, 66.75% for LGA, but we still need at least 75% base participation to get an accurate gauge on what line holders will be able to hold once PBS goes live in January 2019. Overall, only 68.72% of Flight Attendants system-wide participated in this round of mock bidding.

The next round of Mock Bidding will take place next month with:

  • LRD (Lineholder/Reserve Designator Tool) practice running from October 3-7
  • Round 1 of PBS mock bidding running from October 10-15
  • Round 2 PBS mock bidding running from October 19-24

Access mock bidding at:

Any questions should be directed to either your local base FOI specialists who are both LGA and JFK in the crew lounge. You can also call the FABRC hotline for questions regarding Mock Bidding. The FABRC can be reached at 888-376-5375.

Elevate Classes

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the Elevate Classes that were added in October, we are trying to get two classes added in November. However, because it is not guaranteed to happen, we suggest that you attempt to enroll at another base.

FOI Questions

APFA at LGA has a new FOI specialist, Rich Gale,, 704-929-8348. If you cannot get through to the FABRC hotline, call Rich and he will guide you through any questions you have. You can also stop by the FOI Centers set up at LGA and JFK to ask any of the representatives there any questions you may have.

Trip Issues

Raymond, Cathy, and your local base representatives continue to field calls about missed trips, late reports, and problems with reserve runs. Your first point of contact for these matters should be your FSM as they are the ones who should be calling crew scheduling on your behalf to correct any errors to your schedule. Call your FSM and follow up your phone call with an email recapping your conversation with your FSM, remembering to CC Raymond or Cathy. If you do not get a satisfactory response from your FSM then your next step would be to ask a Union rep to get involved.

Contractual Errors/Paychecks

APFA continues to receive reports of errors in Flight Attendants’ paychecks. As always review your pay stub information and report any errors to Direct Connect.

We are aware that the Company is making contractual errors. It is highly recommended that you screenshot every HI1 and HI3 throughout the month and verify the accuracy of your pay stub. The Company has been making accounting errors so we strongly urge you to review your pay stub.

KCM Reminder

As a reminder, Flight Attendants are not to utilize KCM when traveling internationally for personal travel. This includes travel that originates domestically at an airport at a satellite city. If you are caught violating this rule it is punishable with the loss of your KCM privileges and a personal fine of up to $14,000.

In Unity,

Raymond Lewis
APFA LGA Base President

Cathy Ryder
APFA LGA Base Vice President

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