9.29.18 – FOI, ROTA and ROTD, Reserves, New JCBA Terminology, Crew Check-in, ONE, Speaker Positions, ETB, UBL, and More

On Monday, October 1st, we will be at Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI) and completely under the 2014 JCBA Contract. The final step will be early next year, when we combine the UDC and DCA bases. Until then, we will continue to bid and fly separately, with the exception of irregular operations and unscheduled co-flying. That can now be made possible due to LUS migrating into FOS (Flight Operating System).

Many changes will go into effect in October. Your APFA UDC Base Leaders and Representatives are here to help you and answer questions concerning the JCBA.

Here are a few noteworthy changes and enhancements:

JCBA Standby Reserve – Starting October 1st, Standby Reserve formally known as OPR will follow the rules associated with Section 12-F


ROTD is now the system we will identify as daily scheduling and will be an automated process following the JCBA Contract language in Section 12.K. When receiving a sequence or standby through ROTD, prior to the start of your RAP, the activity will be placed on your line at the start of your RAP. You are required to check your schedule, and acknowledge the activity through the FA Portal. Once your RAP has begun, any assignment /award will be with positive contact from Crew Schedule. Also, between the hours of 0000-0500, Positive Contact will be given

JCBA ROTA and ROTD bidding in the FA Portal will now have enhanced reports. These reports will show reasons why you did not receive a sequence or standby shift. The reports will now call out the applicable section of the contract for you to reference.

Reserve Bidding Waivers will now be available for your selection when placing a bid. Waivers include:

  • 35/7
  • Home Base Rest (HBR)
  • Award into FD/GD
  • Multiple Sequence Award

Double Up will be available for Aggressive flyers through daily and standing bids.

If you use the waive 35/7, and are awarded a sequence or standby, the waiver will apply for the  remainder of the month. If you are not awarded a sequence or standby the waiver will not apply.

If you have any type of bid entered and choose the “award into FD/GD“ waiver, you are telling the system that you are willing to work into your days off as pay credit, and without having the days reinstated.

Reserve  Three-Hour Co-Terminal Call Out

UDC is considered a co-terminal and the call out time is a minimum of three (3) hours once you receive positive contact or a minimum call out from the start of your RAP.  Example: RAP B (0700-1900) at 0700 you check your schedule and an assignment /award has been placed there the earliest that report could be is 10:00.

Reserve Trip Trading/Dropping 

  • A Reserve may trade a Reserve assignment with another Flight Attendant.
  • Time will be pay and credit and will not affect Reserve guarantee.
  • Reserve trip trades on days off will be as specified in Scheduling, Section 10.
  • A Reserve may utilize the ETB or Trades through Crew Schedule to relinquish a trip sequence to another Flight Attendant.
  • A Reserve relinquishing a trip sequence will have her/his Reserve Guarantee reduced by the value of the relinquished trip and such hours will be applied to her/his monthly maximum.
  • All legalities related to the dropped trip sequence will be assumed, as scheduled to be flown. A Reserve at her/his option may waive such home base rest consistent with Scheduling, Section 10.


Rotating Reserve

With FOI we will begin JCBA Reserve Rotation.

  • If you have more than 6 days scheduled vacation in a Reserve month, your off days will be prorated according to the chart below.
  • If you have more than 3 days of vacation or Personal Leave (PLOA) , and bid onto Reserve it will not count towards your Reserve obligation.

In a Reserve month with vacation days, Reserves will receive days off accordingly:

New JCBA Terminology in October

Crew Check-In Beginning October 1st

On October 1st, Flight Attendants will have the ability to report for their sequence or standby using CCI check in either from their tablet or personal device using Mobile CCI.
DCA FAs can check in starting at the beginning of the terminal and inclusive of concourses A, B, and C. If you are unable to check in on your device, you may also use the company computers in the Crewroom using DECS/FOS. Sequence or Standby shifts can be signed in up to 2 hours before actual report time.

To download to your personal device, use your device’s browser to visit Flight Service website>Tools & Links> mobileCCI, or type the following address into your device’s browser: webfos.aa.com/downloadCCI.


ONE (Operational Notification Engine)

ONE is available for you to sign up to receive electronic notifications when changes are made to your schedule or to notify you of an existing check in time, gate change, flight delay etc.

To opt in for electronic notifications (emails, texts, etc.) when your schedule changes, sign up for ONE (Operational Notification Engine) at: Flight Service webpage > Tools and links > SABRE Help and Links > ONE Crew Notifications

NOTE: This notification process  does not take the place of positive contact from crew schedule / tracking for any changes to your schedule.


Speaker Positions

Speakers with qualifications will be subject to receiving a speaker position during the PBS run. Language qualified Flight Attendants are now part of the minimum crew for destinations that require a speaker. There will no longer will be a separate sequence for language speakers.

Examples of NIPD (Non International Premium Destinations ) cities that we may fly are MEX and SJU but could be subject to other cities. Please bid accordingly if you are speaker qualified. Reserve speakers will be processed first during the ROTA run to fill any open sequence that requires a speaker and doesn’t already have one. If there  are no open sequences requiring a speaker, they will be processed in seniority order for any domestic sequence or standby.

If the speaker is on a RAP they will only be  processed first if a speaker sequence is available. If not, they will be processed following 12.K Daily Processing Contract Language. A Reserve speaker will not be held out of processing to cover any language needed sequence that may subsequently open up.


ETB (Electronic Trade Board ) 

ETB activity can be processed up until report of a sequence. This is a change from the 2 hours prior to report. Crewroom trades are still available through Crew Schedule, after report.


UBL Clean-up, Auto and Manual Runs 

The first run of the Unsuccessful Bidders List runs directly after TTS has finished its nightly run or no later than 0400. This is considered the “clean-up” run. Any remaining sequences during the TTS run will now be processed from the list of late bidders. (Bidders that added a bid or bidders that changed their bid after 2300).


Auto Run 

Open time sequences processed through out the day BEFORE 1500 HBT. Crew scheduling is NOT required to make positive contact and these sequences will be placed on your line and you will be responsible for them.

Manual Run

Open time sequences that are processed AFTER 1500 HBT.

Crew Scheduling IS required to make positive contact unless you requested to waive positive contact, if you are on a sequence or on legal rest. If none of these apply and no positive contact is made Crew Scheduling will move on with processing the open time sequence.

Rest Requirements and Buffers for Domestic Sequences

buffer is the additional required amount of time added to your home base rest* between two trips for the purpose of picking up a trip from TTS/UBL (Trip Trade System/Unsuccessful Bidders List), ETB (Electronic Trade Board), or when bidding in PBS (Preferential Bidding System). *Note: Home base rest (HBR) does not apply for double ups.

There are three types of buffers: contractual, FAR, and one that comes into play with double ups. Buffers are a new concept and are there to provide a cushion to protect your rest.

Contractual buffer

  • If you choose not to waive contractual rest to pick up a trip, sequences are required to have no less than contractual rest + 45 minutes between the release time of the first trip and the report time of the second trip (section 10.D.14.a).


FAR buffer

  • If you choose to waive contractual rest to pick up a trip, sequences are required to have no less than FAR rest + 1:30 hours between the release time of the first trip and the report time of the second trip (section 10.D.14.a.).


Double up buffer

  • If you choose to waive contractual rest to pick up a trip within the same duty day (double up) not separated by legal crew base rest, you’ll be required to have no less than 30 minutes from the release time of the first trip to the report time of the second trip.

Note: Buffers are not required if you have actually completed the first trip before picking up the second trip.

Domestic Rest

International Rest

International rest varies based on the type of duty period immediately preceding your home base rest.


(800) VIP-CREW

On October 1, all crewmembers should call (800) VIP-CREW or (682) 315-2739 to reach Crew Scheduling, Crew Tracking, and other departments. Remember to use your DECS password and AA employee number.


Duty Period Minimums and Rigs

Variable Duty Period Minimum (VM) is replaced with a 3-hour Minimum Day and a 5-hour average day (11.D.1.b.)

Minimum of five (5) hours flight time pay and flight time credit multiplied by the number of duty periods within a sequence provided however, any sequence that contains more
than one (1) duty period will be credited with a minimum of three (3) hours flight time pay and flight time credit for each duty period.

Sequences will still have duty rigs, ie 1:2 per duty period and 1:3.5 per sequence duty (Time Away From Base).

BWI Co-Terminal Flying

Starting with the November bid month UDC will see co-terminal flying in Baltimore. BWI sequences will be 1, 2, 3-day trips. Bid accordingly in PBS if interested in flying these trips.

E-190 Sequences

November also will include E190 flying coming to UDC. Trips will consist of 1-day and multiple day sequences.

In closing, as we get ready for the October 1st cut over we want to let you know that we support you and are here to assist you. I will be in the operations area beginning tomorrow, should you have any questions or need assistance. Please visit us on our DCA-U Flight Attendant Union Facebook Page for additional JCBA information.

In Unity,

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APFA UDC Base President 


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