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10.07.18 – November 2018 Allocations Call


November 2018 Allocations Call

Manning Information:

  • 5653 Headcount for November.
  • 5301 Available Headcount at DFW.
  • 3674 Bid jobs are planned. Decrease of 153 jobs from October. Increase of 78 jobs year over year.
  • No open replacement lines are planned.
  • 916 Vacation Relief Lines are planned. Planning has advised that due to IT limitations some Flight Attendants may not be listed in the relief section of the bid sheet. If you are on vacation and do not see your name, please refer to your HI10, which lists Vacation and Planned Absence dates.
  • 84 VLOA are projected for November. Online Ballot opens on Oct 3 at1200 CT and close on OCT 7 at 1200 CT. Ballot’s can be found on the Flight Service website by clicking on Crew Resources->Voluntary Leave Information (in the Quick Links box). Crew Planning also sent out a CCI message regarding November VLOAs.

711 (13.4%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in November.
System Reserve percentage is 13.4%. Posted Reserve numbers are planned numbers only and are subject to change. If you are on the back up Reserve list, it is recommended to add Reserve bids in addition to your regular selections.  Reserve numbers could also change dependent on the number of Reserves granted VLOAs.

November has the highest number of vacation relief lines planned for the year. When vacation relief lines are substantial, the potential for lines breaking or busting increases. Manning has forecasted a possibility of 128 to 308 relief adjustments for November.

Bidding Vacation Relief/Open Replacement remains unpredictable.
Vacation relief lines may have filler trips added up to 85 hours. Remarks will be considered but may not be honored. A mix of international and domestic trips may be necessary. Remarks are read in highest to lowest priority.

Mutual transfers will be captured on 10/26 for an effective date of 12/2.
Information regarding mutual transfers can be found on the Flight Service website under Crew Resources/Crew Planning.

Target line average for DFW 79.9 hours. System line average 79.6.

Special Flying/Events in November:

Schedule change date—November 4
Day Light Savings Time—November 4
Thanksgiving—November 22nd
Late night flex flying banks at DFW, PHX, and CLT.

November’s Bid Sheet reflects the first month of mixed metal pairings. If you
see an equipment code you don’t recognize, check out the Aircraft and Equipment Codes in the header section of the bid sheet.

Optimizer programming has been revised to include new pairing construction guidelines/highlights for improved quality of life for Flight Attendants. The highlights are “above and beyond” the JCBA language for pairing construction.

  • Minimum layover rests of at least 10 hours from post debrief to report time.
  • No domestic or international narrow-body pairings exceeding 3-calendar day duration. (Carry-in pairings built to October’s 4-day limit).
  • Red-Eye pairings limited to 2 Duty Periods.
  • West Coast crews operating on east coast have been restricted from reporting before 0400 body time (except in a few cases).
  • Duties with four legs have been limited to a maximum 9:15 duty day (we are adding 4-leg duties to cover Shuttle and other short hop cases).
  • Duties reporting prior to 0500 HBT have been limited to 9:15 duty time (1 hour less than the JCBA).
  • Daytime rest has been scheduled at 11 hours minimum.
  • A duty day will not be longer than the prior night’s rest.

With the implementation of the new guidelines all bases, including DFW, will see changes in November. While some of the changes are positive, some are negative and the Allocation Department listened to feedback from each base and is open to exploring solutions to remedy undesirable pairings.

DFW Concerns with New Programming Highlights:

Loss of High Time Turns—The base lost a significant amount of high time turns. We provided Allocations with a comparison of turns from October to November to emphasize the impact on the base. In total we lost 182 high time pairings for November. Seattle was especially hard hit with 69 fewer parings. We explained to Allocations that high time turns are a vital component to the DFW bid sheet and this issue must be fixed. Allocations will investigate various programming adjustments for December.

Quality of Two-Day Trips—Two-day trips have increased significantly, comprising 30% of combined operation pairings. Poor quality of two-day pairings was discussed, particularly with many signing-in early and returning late. Two-day trips with 20-hour layovers and one leg home are not productive, not commutable, and make it impossible to allow a double up. We requested the two-day pairings have a total of 27 to 28 hours away from base instead of 37 hours away from base, which is prevalent in November. The base has provided examples of desirable two-day trips that consist of three legs the first day with one leg home in the morning or one leg the first day with a late sign-in and returning early evening the second day.

Unproductive Three-Day Trips—The new programming also created a disproportionate amount of three-day trips with 30-hour layovers that are low in time (~13 hours). Trips that do not pay the average duty day are unproductive and add excessive days working to bid lines.

Low Trip Values—Flight Attendants continue to work too many legs for too little pay. This is an ongoing conversation with Allocations. We consistently identify our high value flying that we are not awarded when the Optimizer is building sequences.

Don’t forget to check out the header section on the DFW bid sheet. Up-to-date information regarding RAPs, Standby times, PBS training classes, CQ information, schedule highlights, and much more is published monthly.

Bids open and paper bid sheets available on 10/11. Bids close at noon DFW time on 10/15. Bid awards posted 10/19. November bid awards final at noon DFW time on 10/20. TTS opens/starts queuing for November transactions noon DFW time on 10/20.

As a reminder, DFW has a designated email address for Bid Sheet questions and concerns. Please email

Domestic Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution: 1D—14.9% 2D—37.3% 3D—47.9.0% 4D—0%
4FA Solution: 1D—33.6% 2D—45.9% 3D—20.4% 4D—0%

Domestic Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 15.2%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 73.1%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 8.5%

Domestic FA Productivity:

Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 4hrs 45min.
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 37min.
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs 4min.
Domestic Sit Time: 2 hours. 13.9% 2.5 hours. 7.2% 3 hours. 3.2%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1 Leg. 26.3% 2 Legs. 39.7% 3 Legs. 33.5%

NIPD Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution: 1D—6.5% 2D—11.2% 3D—81.3% 4D—0.9%
4FA Solution: 1D—27.6% 2D—34.6% 3D—37.9% 4D—0%

NIPD Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 15.5%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 78.3%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 19.2%

NIPD FA Productivity:
Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 5hrs 10min.
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 60min.
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs. 19min.
NIPD Sit Time: 2 hours. 13.3% 2.5 hours. 4.7% 3 hours. 0%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1Leg. 36.2% 2 Legs. 28.3% 3Legs. 35.4%

DFW Combined Operation Percentage of Sequences:
All equipment all positions:
1D—24.7% 2D—30.2% 3D—37.8% 4D—7.3%

In Unity,

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