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10.09.18 – Change is Difficult


Change is Difficult

We are just a few days into FOI, and we are already experiencing growing pains with TTS/UBL, ROTA and ROTA-D processing. On top of that, we are trying to learn and navigate FOS.

Change is here. Change is difficult. Change is not always for the better, and change is not always for the worse. Nevertheless, change is change. If nothing else, we have proven time and time again we will not be broken. Flight Attendants are a sharp group of people. We will make this work, and be stronger for it.

One of the big changes on the horizon is the November trip allocation. It is not a rumor. There are no four-day domestic trips for the November bid month. To say we were blindsided by this is an understatement. We are extremely disappointed that the Company did not give us any type of indication about the lack of domestic four-days. At this point, while we cannot change this for November, we would like to remind four-day fliers with standing bids to make sure and update your standing bids accordingly. Please reach out to the FABRC or a PBS specialist in the crew room to review your bidding strategies, especially your target credit range choices.

November is going to be a month filled with change. We will be saying goodbye to many friends and faces, and welcoming many new friends and faces. We are going to be flying on equipment we have been qualified on for many years but have not flown for many years. We are going to be returning to destinations we have not seen in a long time.

Amsterdam and Zurich are back on the PHL bid sheets for November, and our San Juan, PR one-day trips will be returning. We have been waiting a long time to see those routes back in the base. We are also going to see 767 and 757 sequences, as well as 737 segments built into the four Flight Attendant core bid packet. Make sure you pay attention to the equipment codes when bidding.

If you are a PIT satellite flyer, be aware that there is an increase in satellite flying for November.

While these changes are not easy for many of us, we want to encourage you to embrace change, because it will be our new normal. Rest assured, this does not mean we will not continue to challenge Contractual violations and fight for better working conditions and quality of life.

As always, reach out to your base reps if you have questions. Speak to the FOI specialists in the crew room, and call the FABRC if you believe you have been mis-awarded.  Knowledge is power. The more educated we are on the Contract and the scheduling tools, the easier our lives will be.

In Unity and Solidarity,

Kim Kaswinkel

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