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10.22.18 – Systems Issues, Crew Scheduling Issues, Mobile CCI, PBS Awards



We are struggling with the changes related to TTS, ETB, ROTA and ROTA-D. APFA has filed Presidential Grievances on these systems for processing errors and programming issues.

In the TTS/UBL area of the FA Portal, you will see a ‘Support’ tab. This allows you to send an email directly to the company to challenge any award for TTS/UBL. As always, you should immediately contact the FABRC if you feel you have been incorrectly awarded.

APFA has also set up a scheduling issues form that you can fill out, and it will go directly to the APFA Contract and Scheduling departments for them to research and help facilitate a response.



We have seen a lot of changes with FOI. One thing that has not changed is the process on how we are rescheduled. ‘Rescheduling’ section 10.J outlines the process very specifically. We are still to be contacted by crew scheduling in the event of a reschedule. If you are signed up to receive ‘ONE’ notifications, remember that this does not replace positive contact notifying you of a delay or reschedule.

If you believe crew scheduling/tracking is rescheduling you illegally, call your Base Reps immediately. After hours or on the weekend, APFA also offers LIVE CHAT through the APFA website to assist the base reps.



We have received reports of mobile CCI not allowing you to check in if there has been a posted delay. Our report time, unless notified by crew scheduling, is one hour prior to our original departure for domestic and NIPD sequences, and one hour and fifteen minutes prior to departure for IPD sequences. If you are delayed and unable to sign in, you will need to call crew tracking and have them sign you in.

Mobile CCI is an option for checking in for your sequence. If it is not signing you in, you will need to go to the crew room and sign in using DECS.


The November PBS awards are now available for viewing. If you do not understand your award or believe you have been mis-awarded, you have to call the FABRC to have them review your bid and award. If you are told you do not have a mis-award and still do not understand or disagree, there is a PBS mis-award challenge form you can fill out and have your bid and award reviewed by the APFA JSIC committee.

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