10.30.18 – LGA Membership Mobilization


As October draws to a close, and we look forward to Thanksgiving, APFA is planning a commemoration of the 25th anniversary of our historic strike against American Airlines. A nationwide picketing event will take place at all American Airlines bases on November 18th. We are asking our union members to once again come together and join us as we protest the company’s unfair and punitive attendance policy, our continued contract violations, our toxic uniforms and our increasingly inhumane schedules. APFA leadership is ramping up and rallying our colleagues to come together to celebrate our historic strike and to prove to the company that we are unified.

Due to construction at LGA we have been denied a permit to picket by the Port Authority police, however, we are in the process of securing a permit for JFK, and we have been given the go ahead for EWR. Our events will be held at JFK and EWR on November 18th from 1100-1300.  Let’s get the word out and recruit as many members as possible to join us at JFK and EWR to have a strong turn out for the LGA Base.

APFA national leadership is asking members to be discreet when discussing our upcoming picketing event. Our mobilization efforts are being organized via confidential emails and social media. Please don’t discuss our event with your FSM and avoid leaving any literature in operations, terminals, and especially onboard the aircraft.

LGA Base Council Representatives and Mobilizers:

Robert Norvell, (718) 809-8988, lgarep2@apfa.org, EWR Coordinator
Rosalind Inyang, (615) 479-7721, rosinyang@gmail.com, JFK Mobilizer
Penelope King, (917) 797-6537, lgarep1@apfa.org, JFK Mobilizer

Feel free to call or email us about any questions you may have, and be on the lookout for upcoming emails regarding the 25th Anniversary Member Mobilization Event. There is a Facebook group dedicated to the upcoming picketing, wAAke Up American.
Join us to receive more information.

Whether you’re a Flight Attendant who has been flying for years or a few months, join us on the picket line!

We look forward to seeing you November 18th!

In Unity,

Raymond Lewis, APFA LGA Base President
Cathy Ryder, APFA LGA Base Vice President
APFA LGA Base Council Representatives

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