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11.06.18 – December 2018 Allocations Call

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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December 2018 Allocations Call

Manning Information:

  • 5635 Headcount for December.
  • 5317 Available Headcount at DFW.
  • 3797 Bid jobs are planned. Increase of 123 bid jobs from November.  Increase of 38 jobs year over year.
  • No open replacement lines are planned.
  • 395 Vacation Relief Lines are planned. Increase of 38 relief lines year over year.
  • 53 VLOA are projected for December. Online Ballot opened on NOV 3 at 1200 CT and closes on NOV 7 at 1200 CT. Ballots can be found on the Flight Service website by clicking on Crew Resources>then>Voluntary Leave Information (in the Quick Links box). Manning indicated that the number of VLOA is a planned number and is subject to change.

1125 (21%) to 1256 (23.6%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in December. 1125 Flight Attendants will be posted to serve reserve. The contingency of 131 Flight Attendants is linked to the number of vacation relief lines that may break/bust. When vacation relief lines do not meet the minimum threshold of 65 hours they may break/bust. When this occurs, it may require a Flight Attendant to be pulled from the back up list. If you are on the back up reserve list, it is recommended to add reserve bids in addition to your regular selections.

Bidding Vacation Relief/Open Replacement remains unpredictable. Filler trips may be added to vacation relief lines up to 85 hours. Remarks will be considered but may not be honored. A mix of international and domestic trips may be necessary. Remarks are read in highest to lowest priority.

Transfer information can be found on the Fight Service website under
Crew Resources. Click on Vacancy or Mutual Transfers.

Target line average for DFW 78.7 hours. System line average 78.5
Special Flying/Events in November:

Schedule Change Date—December 19
Christmas—December 25th
New Year’s—January 1st
Late Night Flex Banks: DFW, CLT, PHX.

Last month, allocations programmed the optimizer with a new set of guidelines.
After review and feedback from base leaders and the membership they have
reprogrammed the software back to the original “FA Trip Quality Enhancements”
programming with a few tweaks. DFW continues to have significant problems
with optimizer programming.
Bid Sheet Concerns:

  • Loss of High Time Turns—The base continues to lose its high-time turns.

Allocations reprogramed the optimizer to encourage the software to build
high-time turns. The base provided documentation outlining specific losses
over the last six months. The base advised allocations that the loss is at a
critical juncture and that results are expected going forward.

  • Quality of Two Day Trips—Two-day trips are prevalent in December. We

addressed two-day trips that have excessive layovers, are not commutable, and are difficult to use for a double-up. We requested allocations to program the optimizer with a maximum of 27 TAFB. We also discussed lowering the percentage of two-day trips as the base has received many complaints regarding the significant increase.

  • Low Trip Values—Flight Attendants continue to work too many legs for too

little pay. This is an ongoing conversation with allocations. We
consistently identify our high value flying that we are not awarded when the optimizer is building sequences.

  • IPD lines may experience some mixing of trips due to equipment changes on some routes 12/19.

Don’t forget to check out the header section on the DFW bid sheet. Up-to-date
information regarding RAPs, Standby Times, CQ Information, schedule
highlights and much more is published monthly.

Bids open and paper bid sheets available on 11/11. Bids close at noon
DFW time on 11/15. DEC bid awards final noon DFW time 11/20. TTS
opens/starts queuing for DEC transactions noon DFW time 11/20.

As a reminder, DFW has a designated email address for bid sheet
questions and concerns. Please email

Domestic Percentage of Sequences:
3FA Solution: 1D—12.9% 2D—40.9% 3D—44.8% 4D—1.4%
4FA Solution: 1D—32.2% 2D—42.1% 3D—24.5% 4D—1.2%

Domestic Overnight Rest Distribution:
Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 6.7%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 75.7%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 3.6%

Domestic FA Productivity:
Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 4hrs 43min
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 31min
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs 4min
Domestic Sit Time: 2 hours – 16%; 2.5 hours – 9%; 3 hours – 5%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1 Leg – 29.5%; 2 Legs – 43%; 3 Legs – 27.2%;
4 Legs – 0.18%

NIPD Percentage of Sequences:
3FA Solution: 1D—0% 2D—49% 3D—49% 4D—1.9%
4FA Solution: 1D—30.9% 2D—32.3% 3D—32.3% 4D—4.6%

NIPD Overnight Rest Distribution:
Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 7.9%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 82.7%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 8.5%

NIPD FA Productivity:
Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 5hrs 9min
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 44min
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs. 17min
NIPD Sit Time: 2 hours – 12%; 2.5 hours – 4.0%; 3 hours – 0%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1Leg – 34%; 2 Legs – 35.8%; 3 Legs – 30%

DFW Combined Operation Percentage of Sequences
All Equipment / All Positions:

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