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11.14.18 – PBS Bidding is Open, DECS/FOS, System-wide Base Picketing




As a reminder, PBS bidding will close tomorrow, November 15th at Noon (DFW Time). Awards will be viewable in PBS on Sunday, November 18th. Bids will be final and populated into FOS on Tuesday, November 20th. Trip Trade System (TTS) will open for balloting on November 20th, with processing at 2300 HBT on Wednesday, November 21st.

We all know December bidding can be challenging, so make sure you back yourself up. As always you can call the FABRC at 888-376-5375 and have them review your bid with you. The FABRC is standing by to help every day 6am until 10pm (CT).


Well, this certainly has been challenging to say the least. We just found out that the previous month is purged on the 10th of the new month. Which means it does not retain any of your flying activity or pay screen once “closeout” occurs, which is the 10th of the new month. This also means the previous months activity is wiped out of the portal. Clearly, we are used to being able to go back and review the last 4 months of our work activity and pay screens.

We are going to recommend that you pay very close attention to your pay on each sequence and snapshot or print your HI1 screens at the end of the month. If you are DECS/FOS savvy, capture all of your flying activity on whatever entry code you can.

We did find out there is a way to view your previous month’s sequences in Jetnet > Flight Service > Tools & Links > FA Sequence History.  Keep in mind PBS bases can only go back to October, that is when we migrated into FOS.  Going forward that link will be a valuable tool.


Don’t forget November 18th from 11am-1pm is our call to action to wAAkeupAmerican. Picketing events will be in each crew base and in our PIT Satellite. If you would like more information please contact Base Rep Tracey Montanari at

In Unity,

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