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12.03.18 – APFA PHL Base Brief

Monday, December 3, 2018

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Jim Moses, Vice President of the PHL station, will be hosting a meet and greet for our Flight Attendants in the B-16 crew room on December 5th, from 1:00pm-2:30pm.  Jim will share information regarding the future growth and vision for the Philadelphia hub.


We are thrilled that Brian Morgan and Sara Corrigan have been appointed to our Negotiating Committee. Unfortunately, this does take them away from assisting the membership in Philadelphia.   We would like to sincerely thank them for putting themselves out there for this incredible commitment.  With that said, we would also like to thank Dan Sampey for assisting us in Philadelphia through the holidays.  Paul Frishkorn is helping a few days a month in the office as well. Paul answers many calls from Flight Attendants who have health and benefit related questions.  If you have a health and benefit related issue and would like to speak to Paul, you may reach him at ,or 610-543-3904.

Beginning January 2019, Tracey Montanari will be a full time BCR for the base.  Most of you probably know her or recognize her name- Tracey is on the APFA National Hotel Committee, and she is also heading up the mobilization events for PHL.  Tracey can be reached, or 330-622-3444.


We cannot continue to stress enough the importance of knowing and understanding your contract, especially when you are being rescheduled.

Everyone has the contract available on the tablet.  If you are old school and like having a hard copy of the JCBA, you may obtain one at the Crew Service Center. If you are being rescheduled, it is important that you know your legalities. Additionally, please remember the name of the scheduler with whom you have spoken, as well as the time of the call.  If you believe you are being rescheduled illegally, please contact your base leadership immediately.   After hours and on the weekend, you may also utilize the Live Chat feature on the APFA website to speak with a Contract/Scheduling Rep.


If you believe you have a misaward with your monthly PBS award, you must contact the FABRC. They will review your bid, and will elevate the bid to the PBS admin team if they believe you have a valid misaward.  If your bid is determined to be a misaward, you will be provided information on the pay protection process.  If it is determined you do not have a misaward, but rather a miss bid and you do not understand or disagree, please fill out the PBS misaward form on the APFA website. Your bid will be reviewed by the APFA PBS team.

If you believe you have been misawarded in TTS/UBL, there is a support tab in the crew portal where you may send your concerns.  We also recommend you visit the APFA website and fill out the Systems Issue form.

If you believe you have been misawarded or assigned a trip out of order in ROTA or ROTA-D, it is critical that you fill out the Systems Issue form on the APFA website.

APFA has Presidential Grievances filed on the processing of TTS/UBL, ETB, ROTA and ROTA-D. When you fill out systems issues reports, they go directly to the departments that are researching the issues, and your documentation is added directly to the case file.


Many of you have probably noticed a dramatic drop in the number of emails we receive from the company to our company email accounts.   The company has decided to now use the message feature in Mobile CCI for company communications.  Please be sure you are periodically checking those messages. Everything from the company is communicated through that venue.

In Unity and Solidarity,

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