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12.11.18 – PHL Base Brief

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

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Members of the Negotiating Committee will be in Philadelphia on Tuesday, December 18th, from 11am-8pm.  They will be split their time between the B-16 crew room and the A-west crew room. Please come out and meet the team that will be negotiating our next contract to have your questions answered and provide them with your feedback and suggestions.


Are you interested in learning and understanding how to use DECS and read FOS?  Join APFA Contract and Scheduling Chairs Erik Harris and Becky Lydecker on January 8th or 9th for a training class in Philadelphia at the B16 WBT room, from 9am-12pm and 1pm-4pm.   They will also be available to answer any contract and scheduling questions.


We can now access our monthly pay on EPAYS via  This will give you a breakdown of your monthly pay for the previous month and is not posted until “close out,” which is the 10th of the new month.


The APFA.ORG website has been updated. Make sure you check out the new and improved APFA.ORG website. The organization and search functions have greatly improved.


As expected, we are seeing huge numbers in the amount of people who are being placed on levels of discipline for attendance, especially since the implementation of the new policy October 1st.  If you reach four points, the company is generating an auto issued level one letter.  If you want to dispute or challenge this, you must reach out to your FSM or your APFA reps within 10 days of receiving the notification letter.

If you have an approved FMLA, please be sure to follow up immediately with the recode procedures, which can be found on Jetnet.  Send an email, and cc in your FSM so you have a paper trail.

The Union is adamantly opposed to this extremely restrictive and punitive attendance policy.  APFA has filed a Presidential Grievance to challenge this policy.

In Unity and Solidarity,

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