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12.26.18 – JSIC Update – Vacation Extension Days and Monthly Vacation Rebid

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

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JSIC Update – Vacation Extension Days and Monthly Vacation Rebid

For those with vacation in a PBS base, you can select your VEX (Vacation Extension Days) and bid for monthly rebid using VMS (Vacation Management System).

Log into FA Crew Portal and click on PBS Base and then Vacation. This will take you to the monthly VMS.

Vacation Extension Days (VEX)

If you are selecting VEX days you need to have seven (7) or more days of consecutivevacation. You can select up to four (4) VEX days and they can all go before or after your vacation or any other combination. Adding VEX days to your PBS bid will prohibit PBS from assigning you sequences over these days.

While you can now request VEX days for any seven (7) day vacation in the fiscal vacation year, they must be submitted by the last day of the calendar month at Noon (DFW Time), 2 months before the bid month you are requesting.

VEX days are not based on seniority or first-come/first-served. It is up to your discretion if you want to use VEX days and how to place them in conjunction with your vacation period.

Reminder: December 31st at Noon (DFW Time) is the deadline to request any VEX days for the month of February 2019.

Monthly Vacation Rebid

For those Flight Attendants who would like to participate in Vacation Monthly Rebid (MRB), you would use the same link in Crew Portal as for the Vacation Extension Days (VEX).

The MRB is processed in seniority order. Go into VMS and click on the Monthly Rebid link. This will take you to the vacation monthly rebid matrix so that you can view which days are available for rebid.

As a reminder, the MRB opens on the 1st of each month at Noon (DFW Time) and closes on the 10th of each month at Noon (DFW Time) for vacation days two months away. The MRB will open on January 1st at Noon (DFW Time) for March 2019 vacation days.
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