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1.2.19 – AFLAC Voluntary Supplemental Insurance

APFA Special Hotline

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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Dear APFA Members & APFA Retirees,

APFA is excited to announce that we have recently negotiated a direct relationship with AFLAC for voluntary supplemental benefits to be offered to APFA Members beginning January 7, 2019. This voluntary supplemental benefit is not a replacement for the company’s health care.  AFLAC will be offering the following products to current members with some of the following highlights:

  • Short Term Disability (includes coverage during pregnancy when taken off by your physician; no requirement for exhausting sick time first; coverage to members who live in the state of California; and other benefits).
  • Whole Life Insurance (with guarantee issue of $30,000 for all members without a statement of health requirement)
  • Group Accident Insurance (with coverage for injury while on the aircraft)
  • Critical Illness Insurance (immediate payout for insured)
  • Hospital Indemnity (payable to the insured within 48 hours)

Highlights negotiated on our membership’s behalf are:

  • All plans can be taken with you when you retire and maintained at the same group rate
  • All plans give you access to the AFLAC Pass with added benefits – including an offer of RediCare, Pharmacy, Dental and Vision additional discounts
  • A full call center phone number will be available for APFA Members and retirees with custom and extended hours

Additional Enhancements:

  • Guarantee issue during this enrollment period only (no pre-existing denials depending on the amount and type of coverage)
  • Direct consultation with AFLAC Rep Offices in your neighborhoods or by phone through the call center
  • An extended enrollment period from January – March
  • An APFA Direct Enrollment Online Portal

Added Bonus:

  • APFA Members who enroll for AFLAC products are eligible to take all of their policies with them at retirement no matter how long they have been enrolled

For Retirees:

  • The AFLAC Pass is offered to current retirees, and we are also offering an option for RediCare for all current employees as well as retirees with location rollouts to be announced. An Accident Policy can be purchased by retirees at a direct rate from AFLAC for those who qualify.

APFA realizes that our members need additional benefits when they are off the job due to injury or retirement. We are excited about our relationship with AFLAC and hope that everyone takes advantage of the “no pre-existing exclusion” offer during this initial enrollment only. Payments to AFLAC will be through self-enrolled payroll deduction and not through APFA. Please be on the lookout for a postcard mailing from us with more information.

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