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1.7.19 – NEW Long LAX Layover Hotel

Monday, January 7, 2019

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APFA Members:

I have received many negative comments regarding the new LAX long layover hotel.
I hear you and certainly AGREE!

In September 2018, APFA, APA and the company reviewed six hotels for the LAX long layover.  Of the six, APFA recommended two of the incumbent hotels as the other four  did not satisfy APFA’s contractual requirements.  However, the company unilaterally selected one of the four hotels we did not recommend, without the required notification to APFA.  This is a blatant violation of our contract, and I am in the process of scheduling yet another meeting with the company to address this matter.

When I came into office in July 2018, there was already an outstanding Presidential Grievance that had been filed in June 2018 on the violations of Section 6.A.2.c.  Ironically, we recently attended a Pre-Arbitration Conference with the company on December 12th to resolve this grievance and stop the violations, yet the violations continue.

Please continue to send me your specific complaints/concerns about this hotel.  This documentation is imperative, as it provides evidence to dispute a hotel’s suitability and further illustrate the contractual violation.

The Hotel/Transportation debrief can be found on the home page (doesn’t require signing in) and on the Hotel page.  The form is the most efficient method of documentation; email is next best (

The company also has a hotline for you to contact Crew Accommodations directly to report issues.

1-855-4-HTL-RPT      (1-855-448-5778) 
Open M-F 0900-1700 CT (excluding holidays)


I’m sure they will be looking forward to your reports, I know I am!

In Unity,

Julia Simpson
APFA National Hotel Chair

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