1.10.19 – MIA Base Blast

Thursday, January 10, 2019

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January 2019

Hello Miami! This is a quick Base Blast for January’s opening of PBS mock bidding. In this edition, we want to remind you that it begins today, January 10th. Stay tuned for a full Base Brief in the next week.

Preferential Bidding System (PBS)

Today, January 10th begins the first round of mock PBS bidding.

We have been asked to give you some information to guide you for assistance with your PBS ballots. We encourage you to use every resource available to help you with your bids. There is a plethora of information on Crew Change via the Flight Service website, or with your FOI Specialists in Operations. Our monthly schedules are one of the most important parts of our lives, so preparation is everything!

It’s important that we all participate in mock bidding because we have limited time to practice; but the MORE participation we have, the MORE accurate the results will be for everyone! The average participation for the last bases that came onto PBS was 60% or less. You’ll get paid $25 for each month that you mock bid.

The website to use for mock bidding is:  https://fapbs-mock.aa.com/aospbs2

A Special Announcement from your Miami FOI Specialist group:

Mock Bidding coming to MIA!

In January 2019, our first month of mock bidding with the Preferential Bidding System (PBS) begins. We will have two sessions per month for three months to mock bid- January, February and March. This first session will be the open 10th-15th and the second session will be open the 19th-24th. As a reminder, your FOI Training Specialists are still available to assist you in Operations during this time. To keep things organized, there is a sign-in sheet at the FOI table. Please wait till your name is called by a Training Specialist to assist you at a computer with your mock bid. Since we want to ensure all of you get the help that you need and get your questions answered, please come prepared with your 7-layer bidding plan and give yourself enough time before your scheduled report time (if you are there for a trip) because long wait times are expected. During busy times we will also have to limit your time with the Training Specialists to 20 minutes to make sure we can get to everyone’s mock bids.The FOI Training will also be offering PBS refresher classes during these three months. There will be 8 slots available each time, each day with multiple appointment times to choose from. Here are the January dates and times:

January 10, 11, 16, 17, 20, 21 @ 10-1130, 1230-1400, 1500-1630

January 27-30 @ 1230-1400, 1500-1630

Stay tuned for dates and times for February and March.

We will be utilizing the computers in Operations, so your personal device will not be necessary for this refresher class.

If you are interested in attending, visit us at the FOI Navigation Center beginning January 3rd to sign up for an available time. It’s first come, first serve.

If you have any questions, please visit us at the MIA FOI Navigation Center.

 PBS Get Together

Your FOI Specialists are hosting this get together next week to assist you with your mock bids. They have several requests for you to be prepared when you arrive as there are not enough Specialists to start bids from the ground up. You need your own fully-charged device and a hotspot, if you have one. You also need to have a basic or standing bid already in place and a plan of what you want to bid. This will allow them to help as many people as possible. They are expecting a large turnout. If you need help with the basics, you can view the PBS videos on Crew Change on the Flight Service website.

They would like to give the restaurant a rough headcount if possible, so you can RSVP on the MIA Combined Base Group on Facebook. There is an event invitation there. If you can’t RSVP, feel free to show up anyway.

APFA Hotline and Miami Base Briefs

If you do not already receive the APFA Hotline, subscribe today! It contains valuable and timely information. Visit www.apfa.org and click on the graphic on the right side of the main APFA webpage that reads SUBSCRIBE TO THE HOTLINE!

If you know anyone who isn’t getting the Miami Base Briefs from us and would like to stay informed from/about Miami, please have them send us an email with their name and email address and we will get them added to the list!

Again, we strongly encourage you to take advantage of every resource available to you during our transition to PBS. Miami is being very proactive, and we are lucky. We wish you a prosperous and happy New Year! Until next week, fly safely!

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