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1.10.19 – PBS Bidding Reminders

Thursday, January 10, 2019

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PBS Bidding Reminders

With the opening of PBS in 8 new bases we wanted to provide you with some helpful reminders when bidding in PBS. Should you have questions there are a number of resources available to you including the APFA JSIC, FOI specialists, and the FABRC.

Check your Dashboard

When first logging into PBS remember to check your PBS Dashboard. Probably the most important items to review are:

  1. Status: Are you a lineholder or reserve? This will be the final results of the Lineholder Reserve Designator (LRD).*
  2. Seniority: This is your seniority in your grouping.
  3. Existing Credit: The number of credit hours you have before you begin bidding.  This will usually be your vacation hours, jury duty or carry over credit from a trip that originated the previous month.

* Please remember that if you were tentative and did not bid onto reserve, attempted to bid off of reserve, or are part of the most junior reserve in the base to also submit a line holder bid or have a standing lineholder bid in place.

Check your Pairing Pools
As you enter your bids or when you have completed your bidding always check your pairing pools. This will reflect your bidding choices and also highlight possible errors. As a general rule you should be adding pairings in every layer taking into account your seniority in your status.

When checking your pairing pools and you notice a zero in the pairing by layer, you have not added any pairing to your pool for bidding consideration. In effect it is a wasted opportunity.

Reserve Bidding Days Off

If you are bidding Reserve Days Off it is necessary to only bid for those days off under the reserve tab. If you bid for days off and you are not on the reserve tab it will not read your bid when  PBS begins processing.

If you are unsure that you are bidding for reserve days off in the correct calendar, the reserve calendar will have the number of daily reserves needed for the entire month. You can find this number in the lower right hand corner of each calendar day.
UPDATED Reserve Rotation Information
Please refer to the following PDF for updated Reserve Rotation information
There is also a video available by clicking the image below

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