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1.23.19 – Vacancy and Mutual Transfer Dates Realigned and Backfilling

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

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Vacancy and Mutual Transfer Dates Realigned and Backfilling

The Company has decided to align the report/effective date of vacancy and mutual transfers. This would be returning to past practice, where the vacancy transfers were awarded and once filled, the Company would look at mutual transfers for the same date.

With FOI Vacancy, transfers were awarded two months prior to the effective date and mutual transfers one month prior, resulting in a more junior Flight Attendant transferring a month earlier via a mutual transfer than the more senior Flight Attendant that was awarded a vacancy transfer.

Additionally, since the preferences are pulled from the same list in FOS there is no way to indicate a preference for which month the Flight Attendant would like to be considered.


If you have a second or third choice in your ballot you may be awarded one of them through the “backfill” process.

When a Flight Attendant transfers to another base via a vacancy transfer, that will create a vacancy in their current base. The company will then fulfill a transfer request from the pending transfer list into that base.

This is known as a “backfill” and would continue through the process until all openings in all bases affected by the initial vacancy transfer has been filled.

Update Your Preferences:

If you want to be considered for a future transfer, including the next round of mutual transfers (processed January 26th for the March bid month), you must sign in to FOS and update your 3*.

To add or update your transfer preferences, while in your personal mode, type:


Example, if you want to transfer to ORD: 3C/T/ORD-D

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