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3.20.19 – Boston Base Brief

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

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Spring is officially upon us! Time to open your windows, let the fresh air in and enjoy the change in seasons.

Speaking of change, we have a few exciting things to share with the base. As of April 1st, Kelli Powers will be taking over the APFA BOS Vice President position. She has spent most of the month of March in training at APFA Headquarters and is looking forward to assisting our BOS Membership. With that said, we’d like to say Thank You to Matthew Judice for all his hard work over the past 2 years. We are happy to share that Matthew will continue APFA work for the base as a Base Council Representative.

For those who may not know, we have a AFS Transcon (BOS-LAX) back at the base beginning 03APR on the Airbus 321T. While we are very excited to have this and would love to see more IPD/NIPD/AFS flights in the near future, AA Management is watching the AFS/NonAFS survey scores. Please try to be cognitive when using names and offering pre-departures. On your tablet in Comply 365, you will find the Station Assignment Charts for duties and responsibilities in your Inflight Manual and you will also find the Transcon Service Quick Reference Guide in the Document Library.

The BOS Vacancy list has cleared for 01MAY19, which means we will see lots of new faces to the base over the next few months. In addition to that, we are hiring! 2019 Newhire FA Training is well underway at AAFSU and the first INDOC is scheduled for 18APR. Welcome to our wonderful Base!

We have listed below the BOS APFA Representatives and their contact information. While Facebook (Boston Union News) is a good tool for sharing information, please be sure to contact APFQ HDQ or text/call Amy & Kelli, should you need Union assistance. We will continue to share pertinent work related information via Facebook and Email.

Every month we will spotlight a different APFA Department or Representative and give you some insight on what their job entails.


APRIL APFA SPOTLIGHT: Professional Standards, APFA encourages the use of Professional Standards when a member is experiencing a concern or a conflict with a co-worker. Professional Standards provides members with an informal and confidential process to disclose and effectively resolve problems. We encourage our members and within our other union groups to utilize Professional Standards rather than engage the formal involvement of the Company which can lead to disciplinary action to one or even both parties involved in on the job disputes. The program offers an opportunity for involved parties to maintain control over the outcome of a conflict and is an alternative to Management and Supervisory discipline.


Types of concerns handled:

Personality differences

Differences in communication style

Conflicting work and/or personal habits

Unprofessional workplace behavior (including off the aircraft in and out of uniform
on a layover)

Trip trade and drop agreements as per protocol


Types of concerns not handled:

Issues actively being addressed by the Company, or Federal Regulations

Training or skills deficiencies

Contractual issues

APFA internal political matters


Professional Standards Representatives are trained to provide you with timely, confidential support and APFA highly suggests taking advantage of this valuable resource before resorting to Management-involvement or public shaming of your coworkers on social media.

Professional Standards does not take sides, and we do not circle back to share punitive action. We strive for workability in our process as it is understood it will be handled. We do ask the caller to keep us posted on their issue if it is not resolved.

Our BOS Professional Standards Representative contact information can be found below. Additional Professional Standards information is available on the APFA website.


APFA Contact Information:

APFA Headquarters – (817)540-0108



Amy Milenkovic – BOS President (617)233-3172



Kelli Powers – BOS Vice President (603)661-5297



Sherry Kelly – BOS Base Council Representative (BCR) (508)801-6177

Matthew Judice – BOS Base Council Representative (BCR) (617)251-3593

Erin Stitcher – BOS Professional Standards Representative (508)454-1410

Kate Santa Maria – BOS EAP Representative (781)424-4121

Deidre O’Neill – BOS EAP Representative (978)590-3841

Brian O’Connell – BOS Base Mobilizer


We would like to hear from you as well, please feel free to give us feedback. What would you like to see in a monthly Base Brief?


Safe travels to everyone!
In Unity,

Amy & Kelli
Boston Base President and Vice President

1004 West Euless Boulevard
Euless, Texas 76040

Phone: (817) 540-0108
Fax: (817) 540-2077


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