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4.3.19 – The Weekly Scoop

Wednesday, April 4, 2019

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Update Your Standing Bid

As a reminder, your mock standing PBS bid does NOT transfer over to your live PBS bid. You will need to create a new standing bid when PBS opens for live bidding on the 10th at 12 noon DFW.
Alin Boswell, Julie Hedrick, Linda Haertling, Vicki Balistreri, APFA Joint Scheduling Implementation Committee,

Rumor: Has APA (pilots)  recalled Twin Hill uniforms and is April 1 a Hard Cut-over?

Starting March 31, 2019, Pilots will begin wearing new uniforms manufactured and produced by M&H. This is not a recall of their Twin Hill uniform, but rather the conclusion of their uniform replacement program and the official switchover. Flight Attendants will go through the same process when the cutover to Lands’ End takes place. Not all pilots are in their new uniforms and are still transitioning into them. M&H is their version of our alternate “Aramark” uniforms. They decided to keep them as their
new uniforms.

Why was M&H chosen?
M&H became the supplier of the Pilot’s alternate uniform option in 2017, much like the ARAMARK and Off the Rack options for Flight Attendants. Roughly 4,000 Pilots transitioned to M&H Uniforms, and over a period of several months of wearing the alternative replacement successfully, M&H was chosen on March 1, 2018 as the preferred supplier of the new Pilot uniform.

-Robin Charbonneau, APFA National Communications Chair,

Stephen Dickson Nominated to Head the FAA

Stephen M. Dickson was nominated by President Trump to become the next permanent FAA Administrator. Dickson is a former Delta Airlines pilot and executive and if confirmed would serve a five-year term.

Since January 2018, the FAA has been run by acting administrator Dan Elwell, a former American Airlines pilot and executive. Elwell and the FAA came under heat since the scrutiny surrounding accidents and the certification of Boeing 737 MAX. The accidents have raised a new set of issues regarding certification, the use of designated inspectors and the lack of pilot training on the new aircraft. The FAA will have to address these issues and more in the coming months.

The FAA has not had a permanent administrator since Michael Huerta, who was appointed by the previous administration, finished his term. Dickson’s confirmation hearing has not yet been scheduled and it is likely he will face close scrutiny.

– Allie Malis, APFA National Government Affairs Representative,

StayWell Rx

Managing high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma can be challenging; however, managing the prescriptions you take to treat these conditions should not be.
Did you know that by participating in StayWell Rx, you can receive a 90-day supply of eligible generic medications for free and eligible brand name medications for only $15?

Employees, spouses and dependents age 18 and older, covered by the Core, Standard, Value or PPO/80/90/100 medical options and domestic partners covered under the Core medical option are eligible to participate in this program.
Dependents under age 18 automatically receive the StayWell Rx discount on eligible medications and supplies and are not required to complete a call with a health assistant.
To find out if your medication is part of this program, please visit the link below:

View Eligible Medications

How to Enroll:

  1. Connect with your Accolade health assistant at 833-346-3929 (833-FIND-WAY) or on your Accolade member portal to enroll in the StayWell Rx program.
  2. Chat with your Accolade health assistant where you can learn about ways to keep your condition under control.
  3. Fill your eligible high blood pressure, diabetes or asthma prescription medications through Express Scripts mail order or at a CVS or Safeway-owned retail pharmacy.
  4. Make one call with Accolade every year to maintain enrollment in the program so you can continue saving money and time.

Allow 7-10 days for your enrollment to process before filling your prescription.
Michael Tipton, APFA National Health Chair,

All International Layovers

Effective immediately, all automatic wake-up calls, normally received 1 hour prior to pick up, will NO longer be provided. This has been instituted to prevent violation of FAR 117 (Pilot Flight Time Limitations & Rest Requirements).

You (or the Purser) will have to request your wake-up call with the front desk as it will not longer be automatic.  If you do not arrange your wake-up call, you will NOT receive one.
Julia Simpson, APFA National Hotel Chair,

Unexpected Turbulence – Protect Yourself!

Thunderstorm season is approaching and this is the time of year that injuries occur due to unexpected turbulence.

If the Captain has not advised the Flight Attendants to be seated and you are experiencing turbulence, TAKE THE NEAREST OPEN SEAT IMMEDIATELY, if possible. If that is not possible, sit on the floor and hold onto a stationary object. When conditions permit, notify the Captain.

Don’t wait for the Captain to make an announcement. If you sustain an injury due to turbulence, it is imperative that you notify the Captain that you have been injured and request that the turbulence be documented. It is important that you let the Captain know that you will be seeking medical treatment.

Turbulence related IODs can be filed 24/7 by calling 1-844-777-8463.
You are NOT required to follow the nurse’s recommendations and are free to seek medical treatment. Simply advise the nurse if you intend to seek immediate medical care.

All Flight Attendants should also file a CERS Report. The CERS Report is located on the Flight Service website by clicking on Safety and Security.

For more information about turbulence safety, please refer to the Inflight Manual
Safety and SecurityGeneral Safety or contact the APFA IOD Department.

 – Bellia Peckson, APFA National IOD Chair,

Reserve / ROC

A ROC bid asks ROTA to skip over you when awarding or assigning sequences. If your grouping is open at the time you are processed and you are able to ROC, the ROC bid is your award.

Prior to awarding/assigning RAPs, all remaining sequences and standby shifts are assigned to the reserves who have not previously been awarded/assigned a sequence and the reserves who were awarded ROC. The remaining assignments are made in inverse seniority order, first remaining sequences followed by standby shifts.

As a reminder, ROTA will only award one bid in your ballot. If you were awarded a ROC bid, yet placed standby bids after, ROTA will not go back and look at any other bids in your ballot.
-Renee Mayer, APFA JCBA Specialist, 

Negotiations Roadshows

April 29—SFO
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Hilton San Francisco Airport Bayfront
600 Airport Blvd
Burlingame, CA 94010
Phone #:  650-340-8500
*Parking vouchers provided by APFA

April 30—LAX
11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Los Angeles Airport Marriott Hotel
5855 West Century Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Phone #:  310-641-5700
*Parking vouchers provided by APFA
Click here for dates, times, and locations of Road Shows May-Aug

PHX Retirement Seminar

  • April 11th – PHX – 1300-1530  – The Quad Room located above Gate A8 near the Admirals Club

Retirement seminars cover a wide range of topics including: Retiree travel, Pensions, 401(k), COBRA, and Medicare.
Everyone is welcome regardless of base or seniority – no need to RSVP.
Kim Coats Tuck, APFA National Retirement Specialist,

FAR Compliance and Personal Fines

FAR compliance is an important part of our daily crew responsibilities. Personal citations and fines may be issued if a Flight Attendant is observed to be in violation of an FAR.

The two most common violations are non-compliance with movement on the surface (not being seated after compliance checks) and manuals not being up to date while on duty.
These citations and/or fines are personal fines that may be levied against Flight Attendants.
– Jeffrey Ewing, APFA National  Safety & Security Chair,

Q. Is it true that AA is delaying PBS for DFW and MIA until June? 
A: No. PBS bidding will take place in April for May.  With the May 2019 bid run ALL bases at AA will be PBS.

As of today, there have been 4,985 Flight Attendants who have filed uniform reaction reports.

Please continue to utilize the Uniform Reaction Report Form on the APFA website if you experience a suspected reaction to your uniform.

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