4.4.19 – Disrupting Everyday Bias does NOT belong in CQ

Thursday, April 4, 2019

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Disrupting Everyday Bias does NOT belong in CQ!

As many of you are aware, the company has chosen to move ahead with a 90 minute “Disrupting Everyday Bias” class for the 2019-2020 CQ cycle, against APFA’s opposition.

APFA has met with the company several times since mid-February and has demanded that this class NOT be included in the CQ curriculum.  I was invited to the first CQ class on Tuesday and Wednesday and attended the morning class, which included the “Disrupting Everyday Bias” course.

Our position has been, and remains, that this “Disrupting Everyday Bias” is a corporate mandate and has no place in the CQ environment.

Our JCBA – Section 2.QQ – clearly spells out that “recurrent training”  is annual FAA required recurrent training; however the company disagrees.
Additionally the JCBA – Section 29.E.2 – defines the contractual obligations of the company when it comes to compensation for non-recurrent classroom training. It is not lost on us that this saves the company the training pay by bundling it within the CQ program.

Several bases have filed NOD’s on the inclusion of the course; I myself have reached out to my local Base President yesterday – and he has filed a Base NOD as well.

Please assist us in letting the company know that there is no room for this “corporate mandated” bias class in our annual FAA required training – contact your base management to express your discontent!

Disrupting Everyday Bias – It has nothing to do with the safety and security we deliver to every passenger, every day, as safety professionals!

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