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4.08.19 – CLT Base Brief

Monday, April 8, 2019

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CLT Base Flight Attendants,

On Monday, April 1st, I officially took over as the APFA CLT Base President. I am excited to roll out a few changes that I think will benefit all of us. First, I have put together a team of hard-working Flight Attendants to answer your needs. There is a mix of new faces along with some experienced union representatives and all are enthusiastic and energized to get to work. Having a mixed group will allow for us to learn from the past and give us vision to evolve with all the challenges we face with the “New” American.

Second, we have set up a centralized virtual office system with a new data collection and storage center. This information would of course would be kept confidential by our representatives, but for organizational purposes, this will help link all your documents and communications in one file. This will be a great tool to track trends we see in everything from scheduling errors to abuses in the Attendance and Performance Program. This will give your reps a great learning application that will be vital in shaping the future of your union in terms of gaining experience.

Third, WE HAVE A NEW PHONE NUMBER! 704-665-7474. One number will be linked to your officers and a rep on duty. We ask that you call the new number first, all your local officers and reps are linked through the new number, all we ask is you call during normal office hours 9am to 10pm. After office hour calls should be for emergency purposes. If someone doesn’t pick up, leave a message and we will call you back. Put the number in your phone and share it with others. E-mails can be directed to,, Texts are also welcome. Remember to include your AA ID with any inquiry.

Fourth, we have a new Facebook site. You can join the group on “Charlotte Base Union News and Info”. This will be a new group with a different format that will give your union reps more control over content and commenting. This will be solely used to disseminate information and answer questions concerning APFA and airline issues. There will be a new screening process, so it you’re already a member of the old site, we will provide a link to the new site for easy access and sign up. We’re hoping to attract more members to the site so we can get the word out quicker on upcoming events and important news you need.

I want to say thank you to everyone who worked to make this happen. Your new base reps and I are excited about the changes and hope you will see the benefits as we work to make a stronger union.

In Unity,

Scott Hazlewood
APFA CLT Base President


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