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4.9.19 – DFW Base Brief

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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May 2019 DFW Allocations and Manning Information

Manning Information

  • 5712 Headcount for May. Increase of 72 from April, Increase of 294 year over year.
  • 5418 Available Headcount at DFW. Increase of 64 from April, Increase of 267 year over year
  • 4528 Bid jobs are planned. Increase of 500 bid jobs from April, Increase of 189 jobs year over year.
  • VLOA’s will not be available in DFW for May.

890 (16.4%) Flight Attendants are planned to serve reserve in May. JCBA language regarding reserve rotations will be implemented in May
with PBS system.

Projected Target line average for DFW 79.8 hours. System Projected PBS line average 80.3

Transfer information can be found on the Fight Service website under
Crew Resources. Click on Vacancy or Mutual Transfers. Vacancy transfers
posted and Flight Attendants reporting:

01APR – 91 Flight Attendants

02MAY – 99 Flight Attendants

02JUN – 355 Flight Attendants

Special Flying/Events in May

Schedule Change Date— Friday, 03May
Memorial Day Holiday— Monday, 27May
Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Meeting— Saturday, 04MAY
Kentucky Derby—Saturday 04May
EDC Las Vegas—Weekend, 17MAY-19MAY
Indy 500—Sunday, 26MAY

DFW Highlights

The base continues to see an increase in bid jobs and block hours. A combination of 811 additional bids jobs have been created for April and May.

Block hours have increased 11.5% with a total of 46,186 additional hours
delegated to DFW. With the implementation of the summer schedule, we anticipate that these numbers will continue to rise.

Vacancy transfers have been posted for April, May and June. The base will
receive a total of 545 Flight Attendants reporting by 02JUN. Once the vacancy
transfer list is cleared, DFW will be eligible for (non-speaker) New Hire
Flight Attendants.

AMS and ANC are just a few of the flights returning in May.
ANC will operate on the 757 (effective 5/17) and upgrade to a 787 in June.
AMS will operate on the 777.

DFW Concerns

Sit/Connect times continue to be high in May. Allocations has programmed
the optimizer with a 80 minute minimum connect time after a domestic flight.
As a result, there are more long connections (sit time) as crews have to wait
for next bank flying. We continue to voice our disapproval regarding this
change. Excessive sit time is unproductive and many times increases the
duty day with little financial gain.

We continue to address the lack of two and three day commutable trips. The
Optimizer is currently programmed to build commutable four-day trips. We
have asked allocations to adjust programming to concentrate on all multi-day

Turn pairings have decreased slightly in May. The base stressed that Flight
Attendants desire flexibility, especially during the summer months when children
are home and family obligations increase. One day and two day pairings
provide greater flexibility for Flight Attendants to manipulate
their schedules.

Domestic Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution: 1D—11.4% 2D—42.4% 3D—43.5% 4D—2.6%
4FA Solution: 1D—27.6% 2D—44.8% 3D—25.1% 4D—2.5%

Domestic Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 12.8%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 75.9%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 4.5%

Domestic FA Productivity:

Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 4hrs 46min.
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 41min.
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs 02min.
Domestic Sit Time: 2 hours. 26.9% 2.5 hours. 19.4% 3 hours. 6.6%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1 Leg. 22.6% 2 Legs. 45.3% 3 Legs. 31.9%
4 Legs. 0.2%

Domestic Duty Distribution:

Duty length is calculated including sign-in and release time:
3 to 4 hours on duty: 3.3%
4 to 5 hours on duty: 13%
5 to 6 hours: 6.5%
6 to 7 hours: 3.8%
7 to 8 hours: 11.3
8 to 9 hours: 17.3%
9 to 10 hours:9.8%
10 to 11 hours: 13%
11 to 12 hours: 9.1%
Greater than 12 hours: 12.5%

Domestic Block Distribution:

3 hours or less: 9.3%
3 to 4 hours:18.2%
4 to 5 hours:15.6%
5 to 6 hours: 16.9%
6 to 7 hours: 18.6%
7 to 8 hours: 10.8%
8 to 9 hours: 10.6%

NIPD Percentage of Sequences:

3FA Solution: 1D—3.8% 2D—16.7% 3D—76% 4D—3.0%
4FA Solution: 1D—21.2% 2D—40.7% 3D—31% 4D—7.1%

NIPD Overnight Rest Distribution:

Overnight Rest Less Than 11 Hours: 14%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 12 Hours: 77%
Overnight Rest Greater Than 24 Hours: 0.4%

NIPD FA Productivity:

Scheduled Block Hours per Calendar Day: 5hrs 30min
Credit Hours Per Duty Period: 5hrs 47min.
Credit Hours Per Calendar Day: 5hrs. 37min.
NIPD Sit Time: 2 hours: 22.2%, 2.5 hours: 5.4%, 3 hours: 1.4%
Number of Leg Distribution: 1Leg: 23.3%, 2 Legs: 35%, 3Legs: 41.7%

NIPD Duty Distribution:

Duty length is calculated including report and release time.
3 to 4 hours of duty: 3.8%
4 to 5 hours: 16.1%
5 to 6 hours: 2.3%
6 to 7 hours: 2.6%
7 to 8 hours: 7.9%
8 to 9 hours: 21.3%
9 to 10 hours: 3.4%
10 to 11 hours: 10%
11 to 12 hours: 12.9%
Greater than 12 hours: 19%

NIPD Block Distribution:

3 hours or less:11%
3 to 4 hours:13.7%
4 to 5 hours: 10.6%
5 to 6 hours: 20.5%
6 to 7 hours: 9.4%
7 to 8 hours: 24.6%
8 to 9 hours: 9.3%
Greater than 9 hours: 0.9%

DFW Combined Operation Percentage of Sequences
All equipment all positions:

1D—22.4% 2D—31.2% 3D—38.2% 4D—8.1%

Important Timelines

  • PBS opens noon DFW time 10APR
  • Bids close at noon DFW time on 15APR
  • PBS awards visible in PBS at noon DFW time on 18APR
  • PBS Awards final at noon DFW time on 20APR
  • TTS opens/starts queuing for MAY transactions at noon DFW time on 20APR 
  • First May TTS run at 2300 DFW time 21APR
  • ETB Opens 0400 HBT 22APR for May
  • Golden Day/Flex Day opens 1800 DFW time on 20APR and Closes on 27APR at noon DFW time.
  • ROTA for May opens at 0000 DFW time on 25APR
  • Initial ROTA run for May begins at 1500 DFW time on 01MAY

As a reminder, DFW has a designated email address for allocation/manning questions and concerns. Please email

In Unity,
Michael & Amber

Michael Truan
DFW Base President
214-517-0120 cell

Amber De Roxtra
DFW Base Vice President
682-422-7179 cell  

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