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4.9.19 – ORD Base Brief

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

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Hello ORD!  The monthly allocation meeting was last week.  Most of the data we receive is available to you on the Crew Portal Bidding Dashboard–targeted lineholder, reserve, total bidder and line average.  We will continue to share these numbers and any pertinent information from the call.

MAY BIDS OPEN 10th (noon DFW time) BIDS CLOSE 15th (noon DFW time)

FBRC Support 800-327-0117 option #, then 7
800-872-7456 option2, then 5

APFA PBS MIS-AWARD Form is available on the APFA website/homepage Click here

Embassy Suites by Hilton O’Hare – Rosemont

Click here to view the hotline

Call Highlights:

–MIA will be the only base to see VLOA for MAY, due to the Venezuela cancellations
–For the month of MAY, ATH will be staffed with 8 non-speakers.   This was not communicated to the union prior to pairing construction.  We know this is an important new route for ORD and continue to work with the company for resolution.
–The amount of ODAN pairings has been reduced.  This is desired flying, but the volume left in open time after PBS ran was too great.  We will continue to monitor.
–ORD and other bases addressed the increase in sit time built into many pairings.  Evidently, Network Planning continues to change the path of an aircraft after pairings are created and added to the bid packet.  Tail path changes in some bases are as high as 50%.  Crew resources is building extra time in the pairings to accommodate for unplanned aircraft changes.  They appeared as frustrated with the process as the Bases were, and a conversation at a higher level continues.
–Please continue to provide feedback on sequences



Lineholder   1837
Reserves   384
Leaves   0
Line Average   80.7
MAY hours ORD   140,924
MAY hours MSP   747


737MAX: The company has extended the flight cancellations for the 737Max through JUN5.  Please follow the APFA Hotlines for the latest information on pay protections.

CQ: ORD filed a base Notice of Dispute (NOD) over the inclusion of the “Disrupting Everday Bias” class in 2019-2020 CQ Training.  The NOD was denied at the Base level and now moves to the National VPs department for resolution.

Training Reminder: Since FEB, the TBS system is used for scheduling CQ training.  TBS is only available in your base month, grace month or 1 month early.  Bidding opens on the first calendar day of the month and closes on the sixth calendar day.  More info is in the attached JSIC hotline

TTS/UBL:  testing continues on a generic bid option in UBL, we expect to see delivery later this month.

Attendance Policy:  All FAs should review their attendance/performance point in “MyView” on the Flight Service page.  Any discrepancies should be brought to the attention of the FSM and the union.  We are seeing an increase in the number of “bad” passenger letters directed at FAs.  It appears to be a systemwide issue, not base specific.  Just wanted you to be aware and also know that you have the right to union representation in any meeting with the company.   We continue to provide the Vice Presidents Department  all documents to support the Presidential Grievance.

Early Boarding:  As a reminder, Sections 11.M and 14.F of the JCBA specifically state when Flight Attendants will be required to be onboard the aircraft ready to receive passengers.   Document  all violations.  The data will be used to support the Presidential Grievance.

System Issues: Please continue to use the Scheduling System Issues Report Form on the APFA website to report TTS/ETB/ROTA issues.  Our team continues to work for resolutions to violations and program fixes. Click here for report form

Uniforms: The APFA continues to document uniform reaction issues. Click here for report form

As always, we remain available for questions.  Please include your employee number when you communicate with us.  If you contact other union reps for the same issue, say that as well so work is not duplicated.



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