4.20.19 – May 737 MAX Flight Cancellations – 3rd Phase

Saturday, April 20, 2019

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MAY 737 MAX Flight Cancellations – 3rd Phase

In April, the Company is following a timeline to process the cancellations and repairs for APR and MAY sequences affected by the 737 MAX. There were 3 phases to this process as described in the Company communication on 11APR. You may view the Company’s communication here.

  • PHASE 1 (7-8APR): Cancellations and repairs processed for the 25-27APR sequences. These have been completed and notifications were made to the flight attendants.
  • PHASE 2  (11-15APR): Cancellations and repairs processed for 28APR-1MAY sequences. These have been completed and notifications were made to the flight attendants.
  • PHASE 3 (22-26APR): Cancellations and repairs for 2MAY-1JUN sequences will start at 0600 22APR and will take approximately 5 days.

Please note: First TTS run for MAY opens on 21APR at 2300

Once Crew Scheduling enters the cancellations into FOS any affected sequences will show “failed continuity” until the repair to the sequence is complete. While the “failed continuity” is showing in your sequence, you will not be able to trade or drop the affected sequence in TTS or ETB. When the sequence no longer shows “failed continuity” you may trade or drop your sequence.

Sequences that are not impacted by the MAX cancellations can be traded as normal in TTS and ETB. 

At the end of the repair process in phase 3, the Company will make an automated phone call to the affected flight attendants in accordance to JCBA 10.J.2.b and 10.J.2.c notifying the flight attendants there has been a change to their sequence(s).

This call will advise the flight attendant to call Crew Scheduling back if they have further questions. If you would like to exercise the contractual provisions of 10.J.2.b and 10.J.2.c to come off your trip you may contact Crew Scheduling. If you decide to remain on the trip there is no need to call Crew Scheduling back.

IMPORTANT: Keep in mind the JCBA pay protections of changes made to your sequence prior to report.

10.J.2.b: More than three days from sequence

10.J.2.c: Within 3 days of sequence

If a flight attendant remains on the sequence, they will be pay protected for the original, awarded value. If a flight attendant chooses to come off the sequence, they will forfeit the pay protection.

The flight attendant on the sequence at the time of repair receives the pay protection for the original, awarded value of the sequence. If the sequence is traded or dropped to another flight attendant after it has been repaired the pay protection will be forfeited.

We have also been informed by the Company the sequences in JUN, JUL and through mid AUG will not be built with 737 MAX airplanes hopefully making this the final phase of the MAX cancellations. This will bring some much-needed relief to flight attendants and the operation going forward.

Please remember for these cancellations, pay protections under the JCBA and MAX Letter of Agreement will apply.

Refer to Flight Service website for the updated list of affected flights.

For additional pay protection questions please refer to the Q&A.

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